The development of sex underwear in 100 years

From ancient times to modern: the origin of sexy underwear

The earliest history of sexy underwear can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. At that time, people used some simple cloth sacs and ropes to cover or enhance important parts.But in the Middle Ages, Christian aesthetic concepts regarded all body curves as a symbol of unclean, and sexy underwear almost disappeared into the background of history.

Until the end of the 19th century, women began to put on waist lining skirts and tight -fitting corset to blur the body lines, which is also a kind of sexy underwear.This clothing has gradually evolved into the "bodies" and "bra" we are now called.At the beginning of the 20th century, sexy underwear began to become an independent branch of clothing design, and evolved many different types.Since then, sexy underwear has entered a new era.

In the early 20th century: the era of bodies and bras

In 1914, Mary Philde established the first company to produce bra.In that era, the role of the bra was not for sexy, but to make women more comfortable during activity and avoid chest shaking or pain.In the same period, there are many different forms of body clothes and leggings. Their purpose is to highlight the female body shape by shaping.

1920: the change of the times

In the 1920s, with the changes in feminism and social customs, the positioning of sexy underwear also changed.Followed by short skirts and tight tight tops.The cuteness and softness of women went to the front desk, and the sexy underwear gradually became sexy.

1930: Gorgeous, emotional mood

In the 1930s, the sexy underwear was mostly composed of lace, tulle, lace chiffon and lazy outline.Women officially entered the era of sexual and emotional and interesting underwear.

1940s: The balance of grand and practicality

In the 1940s, the direction of sexy underwear shifted.During World War II, many women began to leave their home for work, so sexy underwear was not only for sexy, but also practical and comfortable.

1950s: World Explosion

In the 1950s, movies and television became the main force to promote the development of sexy underwear.At this time, in addition to a practical underwear, sexy underwear is a vivid and interesting fashion demonstration.The proper stage makes the sexy underwear wet the frenzy of the entire country and even the world.

1960: The beginning of the bra out movement

In the 1960s, the liberation of the bra, young people began to abandon the ideas of restraint and imprisonment, and explored some new free love concepts.At this time, the diverse design and material of sexy underwear have become the focus of attention.

In the 1970s: the transformation of sexy underwear towards pajamas

In the 1970s, the design of sexy underwear also called relaxation and comfort, and evolved into a large number of pajamas, home clothes and comfortable wearing.It is no longer emphasizing practical underwear such as bras and bodies, but also pursuing products with self -expression and comfort.

1980s: Reading the favor of young people

In the 1980s, sexy underwear was loved by young people, and various variety of colors and patterns were launched.At the same time, the balance between sexy and comfort is also improved step by step.As the pursuit of sexual and romantic new generations, the sexy underwear market has been further developed.

1990s: The rise and diversified development of the brand

In the 1990s, more and more brands began to emerge.The brand undoubtedly promotes the diversification of the sexy underwear industry.At the same time, the use of various materials makes sexy underwear design more advanced and diversified.

21st century to today: high -tech, high quality and innovative thinking

In the 21st century, Fun underwear company pays more and more attention to the development of new materials and technical methods to make its products more noble than traditional products and ensure that consumers get as good as possible.The theme of sexy underwear has become more diverse: some are biased towards nature and comfort; some are more fashionable and high -tech content.Interest underwear has become a necessity in life, and walks into everyone’s home.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is part of the sex industry, and it is also an indispensable part of the clothing market.It changes with the development of physical aesthetics and sex.After 100 years of development, sexy underwear gradually got rid of the traditional irony of women’s body, and began to pay attention to women’s comfort, fashion and diversification.However, as people pay attention to gender consciousness and feminism, sexy underwear will continue to become more diverse and more popular, which will benefit more people.

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