The daughter -in -law is not good -looking at wearing a sexy underwear

The daughter -in -law is not good -looking at wearing a sexy underwear

During the sales of sexy underwear, many men were facing an embarrassing problem: After the daughter -in -law put on sexy underwear, she found that the original sexy underwear no longer had the previous charm.What is the reason why the daughter -in -law is not good -looking?The following is an analysis and solution:

1. Inappropriate size

The size of sexy underwear is easily affected by factors such as brands, production factories and even process technology.The wife’s body, cup, and hips are sometimes difficult to measure accurately, so you need to pay attention to more details when choosing underwear.If the size is inappropriate, it may be affected in terms of sexy level.

Solution: You can measure the specific size with your wife in advance, and correctly determine the size of the underwear when purchasing instead of buying it casually. In addition, pay attention to the quality and reputation of the brand and manufacturers.

2. Type is not suitable

There are many styles of sexy underwear. Everyone has different pursuits of the design and style of underwear, so you need to check it carefully when choosing.If the daughter -in -law is accustomed to wearing comfortable and simple, the high -quality underwear in material may make her more comfortable and more charming.

Solution: It is necessary to consider the existing dress style of the wife, to buy comfortable underwear, and it may change her evaluation criteria for dressing, such as more fashionable and sexy.

3. Materials are uncomfortable

Some evil materials can make his wife feel very uncomfortable and make it difficult for her to maintain a state of confidence and happiness.In addition, the wife’s skin condition should also be considered when choosing the material.

Solution: First of all, choose the materials with quality assurance, harmless and healthy, and also choose materials that meet the special needs of his wife, such as some breathable and thin underwear materials.

4. Different physical forms are inconsistent

Everyone’s body has different forms and characteristics, such as breast chiefs, size, sensitivity, etc., which will affect the effect of wearing erotic underwear.Change the cup size, style and chest design of the milk -shaped body will make the sexy underwear more beautiful and generous.

Solution: You must pay attention to your wife’s breasts, choose the taste of carrying the advantages of his wife, and try multiple styles to try and choose to find the most suitable underwear for his wife.

5. Improper wear

It may be because the device is in a hurry in the washing process or takes off, which causes the underwear to wear incorrect posture, which will affect the sexy degree of the love underwear.It may also be that the wife is not very familiar with the wearing process, the center of gravity is uneven or there is no good firming the primitive body, causing uncomfortable dressing.

Solution: When wearing sexy underwear, you need to be patient and tightly wrap your wife’s body. At the same time, you must also understand the physical characteristics of his wife, so that the underwear will have a more visual effect.

6. Improper accessories selection

The details on the underwear are one of the important factors to enhance the beauty of the lingerie. Different details can reflect different characteristics. However, the quality of the quality of the accessories brings different effects, which may lead to a bad appearance.

Solution: Choose underwear, not only to consider whether this sexy underwear is good or not, but also consider whether it can better match high -quality auxiliary accessories, so that she can make her more perfect and more beautiful.

7. The family is not suitable at home

Putting on sexy underwear is a good intimacy. In the whole process of beauty pageants, the atmosphere of the entire family must be considered.If only the woman is wearing a fun underwear, and the man’s desire for color is greater than the lover, it may feel embarrassed at home, which will also affect the effect of sexy underwear.

Solution: When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the atmosphere of the family to ensure the perfect family life of safe exercises.

8. Poor exercise

After the wife puts on sexy underwear, she needs some correct exercise skills to enhance the emotional effect and reflect better visual effects.Then, when doing these exercises, if you lack certain skills, the sexy effect may be twists and turns.

Solution: You need to perform comprehensive exercises for sexy underwear to choose underwear suitable for your height and weight.You need to pay attention to your own atmosphere and sexy underwear when you wear it to achieve the best.

9. Product quality problem

The quality of erotic underwear is noticeable. Once the quality occurs, it will directly affect the beauty of the underwear and the process of drills.There are some low -quality underwear that mainly make the design and fabrics poorly, not only uncomfortable wearing, but also endangering health.

Solution: When purchasing, you should choose a high -quality brand, choose an agent who forms a regular channel, confirm the brand’s good reputation and credibility, and ensure that the purchase of quality products to ensure quality.

10. Uncertain about your own state

The effect of sexy underwear will be affected by the situation and status of the wife, which may cause the underwear market to be cold due to factors such as physical health and mood.

Solution: According to the amazing effects and conditions of the underwear, gradually increase the self -confidence and comfort, and to buy suitable products.

In summary, whether it is choosing or wearing a wife’s sexy underwear, you need to pay special attention to various details, so that with the help of professional knowledge, find the best way to show your beauty.

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