The costume of the original god is like sexy underwear

1 Introduction

"Original God" is an open world role -playing game developed by MiHoyo. The game contains a variety of clothing and accessories.However, these costumes are reminiscent of a special underwear -erotic underwear.

2. Sexy appearance design

The types of clothing in the game are different, but in common, they are very sexy, and can even be said to be like sexy underwear.The design of these clothing highlights the curve of the player’s character, which is very similar to the design concept of sexy underwear.

3. Short skirt and hollow decoration

In the game, the hem of most clothing tends to design.In addition, hollow decoration is also a common design style, reminiscent of the design concept of sexy underwear.These details make the appearance of clothing more tempting.

4. Low chest and umbilical design

The design of low -cut and navel is also a common element in the game.These designs make the character’s clothing more sexy, which is very similar to the design style of sexy underwear.

5. Bright color matching

Many costumes are coated with bright colors, making the character more attractive.This design method is generally similar to the color of sexy underwear, and the purpose is to highlight the charm of the character.

6. Exaggerated decoration

Many clothing is equipped with exaggerated decorations, such as bow and ribbon.These decorations are also common in sexy underwear design.This design method makes clothing more sexy.

7. Special design clothing

There are also some specially designed clothing in the game, such as dresses in bare back, etc. These design are very sexy, similar to the concept of sexy underwear.

8. Focus on the character’s body

All these designs have one thing in common, that is, focusing on the character’s body in clothing.This design is reminiscent of the design of sexy underwear. They all focus on highlighting the curve and sexy of women’s bodies.

9. Respect for women’s bodies

Although the design of clothing focuses on the sexy of women’s bodies, this does not mean that the designer does not respect the female body.Just like many sexy underwear brands, the clothing design in the game also emphasizes respect for women’s bodies.The designer cleverly uses the techniques such as contour lines and stitching positions to control the tightness of the clothing within an appropriate range, which not only shows the beauty of the character’s body, but not too exposed.

10. Viewpoint

The clothing design style in the game is very similar to that of sexy underwear. This design style has become part of the game culture.Although some people think that this design style is too sexy, we cannot ignore its charm.In proper circumstances, this design style can make the character more attractive and enhance the artistic value of the game.

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