That kind of men’s sexy underwear pervert

Men’s sexy underwear is an element that is becoming more and more popular in modern sex.It’s not just to increase interest, but also to broaden sex.However, there are no lack of perverted, extreme men’s sexy underwear in the market, and these sexy underwear is shocking, fear, and dislike.In this article, we will explore the reasons together.

1. Excessive exposure

For men’s sexy underwear, the most basic premise is to stimulate sexuality.However, if the sexy underwear is exposed too exposed and makes people feel uncomfortable, this design has gone far.The control of exposure is a problem that requires professional and technical, and it needs to guide designers to start from the perspective of sexual taste, rather than realizing their ideas at will under the drive of visual impact.

2. Too much emphasis sexy

Men’s sexy lingerie obviously needs to emphasize sexy, but if the basic fashion elements are lost because of the strong sexual characteristics of the model and details, the durability of the sexy underwear will be threatened.On the contrary, if the designer puts more efforts to integrate sexy elements with fashion, then the fashionable and sexual atmosphere of sexy underwear will receive longer praise.

3. Excessive exaggeration

Another failure is that the sex underwear is too exaggerated.The exaggerated design of the erotic underwear lost its "interest" side.It is just showing off, not created in sex to attract each other.Designers must pay attention not to let the style of sexy underwear be distorted one -way by excessive ingredients.

4. Insufficient quality support

The best quality is an important foundation for any sex underwear.Because "Design’s Desire for Sexuality" has not been done, this sexy underwear may make the entire attitude uncoordinated.For example, loose horses’ erotic underwear will not only make you lose sexy atmosphere, but also make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.The diffuse of sexy atmosphere requires high -quality materials support.

5. Too complicated

The defects of some sexy underwear are complexity.The key is that you should not forget the feeling of pleasure and relaxation.If the design of the sexy underwear is too cumbersome and the details of the decorative elements are lost, then the basic fun elements will be easily lost.

6. Excessive radical

A perverted men’s erotic underwear makes you feel unpleasant, shocked, and even disgusted.Designers should pay special attention to some excessive indulgence, such as radical exaggeration, charming and charming, excellent cartoon shapes, and so on.The distance between these crazy ideas and the ultimate goal is too far, which will cause consumer dislike.

7. Insufficient details

For men’s sexy underwear, the smallest detail design is also very important.These details can make fun underwear interesting, sexy, and emphasize the charm of men.Therefore, sexy underwear designers need to spend more thoughts to consider how to seize consumers’ hearts in details, rather than simply increase the complexity of elements for showing off.

8. Forgot the target audience

No style of sexy underwear is the same.Different occasions require different designs, and different audiences also need different sexy lingerie styles.Therefore, in the design process, the designer must understand the needs of consumers. Otherwise, no matter how perfect the sexy underwear is designed, there is no suitable target audience, and it will become meaningless and failed designs.

9. Abandoned sex mood

This is the most disappointing.When we consider the type of men’s sexy underwear, we must not forget the nature of "sex".The design of sexy underwear must be blended with the sexual situation without squeezing other elements to occupy its main position.Otherwise, this will be a violation of basic design principles.

10. Conclusion

In short, designing men’s sexy underwear needs to pay attention to many details.Designers must keep in mind these principles -sexy, fashionable, appropriate, wearing and easy to take care of it to make amazing sexy underwear.If the consumers are well received, men’s sexy underwear will provide more emotions for sex life.

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