That kind of erotic underwear is the coolest to dry


Sex underwear makes our daily life more interesting and exciting.However, some erotic underwear is more exciting than others.If you want to try the most exciting sexy underwear, then you come to the place.The following is the coolest sexy underwear type.

1. Open underwear

Open underwear is an extremely exciting type of sexy underwear.This kind of underwear has a opening in the crotch, which can create a more intimate and exciting atmosphere between you and your partner

2. lace corset

Lace corset is a sexy sexy lingerie that makes your partner want to explore more.This sexy underwear is exquisitely designed, which can make your body curve more charming.Lace corset is a good way to increase sexy atmosphere.

3. outer wearing sexy underwear

Outer -wearing erotic underwear refers to underwear that can be worn outside the clothes.This underwear uses a peculiar design, including opening, lace, and other creative elements.Not only do they add your sexy temperament, it will also make you stand out in the crowd.

4. Own shoulder erotic underwear

Own shoulder erotic underwear is a more common type of sexy underwear.They can show your beautiful shoulder lines and sexy off -the -clavals.This kind of underwear is mostly made of lace and other materials. Putting on them will make you feel more feminine, and at the same time make your body lines more beautiful.

5. Skin color full transparent sexy underwear

Pork transparent sexy underwear can add your sexy and mysterious sense, so that your partner wants to know more about you.It can make your beautiful skin and curves more prominent, allowing you to exude a unique charm in bed.

6. Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear contains good bras, bottoms, and accessories worn on the head.This sexy underwear reveals endless mystery, making your partner closer to you, and enjoying the feeling of being possessed with you.

7. denim sexy underwear

Cowboy sex underwear is a creative sexy underwear.They are different from traditional sexy underwear. They use the design of denim to let you wear it on the bed and have your own style.

8. With a hood of sexy underwear

With a weighted underwear is a very popular type of underwear.They can cover your face and keep you mysterious in the process of sex.This can also make your partner more fascinated and closer the distance between you.

9. Magnetic buckle sex underwear

Magnetic lock underwear is a very practical underwear.Magnetic buckles can make them easier to wear, and they are very safe, so that you don’t have to waste time when undressing.This sexy underwear is also very easy to wear and take off, allowing you to enter the role -playing faster.

10. Fairy Tale Instead underwear

In the end, we must not forget fairy tales and sexy underwear.This sexy underwear reminds you of the characters in the fairy tales, such as Cinderella or Little Red Hat.This sexy underwear will allow you to spend a magical night in bed, bringing a different sex experience.


The above is the coolest sexy underwear type.No matter what type of sexy underwear you choose, the focus is on your and your partner can feel the stimulus and happiness they bring.When choosing sexy underwear, you must consider your preferences and personality, and also respect the preferences and needs of your partner.Only in this way can you experience the best sex experience.

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