Thailand’s blue sex lingerie trial show

Thailand’s blue sex lingerie trial show

Features of Thai sexy underwear design style

The design style of the Thai sex lingerie brand is mainly characterized by details and color matching. The colorful color is often used with bright prints in color matching, highlighting the feminine and noble temperament of Thai women.

Thai sex lingerie cloth material

Thai sexy underwear is usually made of silk, lace and other materials. This material gives people an elegant and gorgeous feeling, and it is also an important element of Thai style. Some avant -garde brands use leather, fur, mesh material, etc.Materials to reflect their personalized style.

Thai sexy underwear style and design

Thailand’s sexy lingerie style design is diversified, such as the bras with diamonds, the use of red beads, the use of feathers, bows and other decorations, as well as various shapes and colors of stockings, etc., fine and creative.

Thailand’s blue sex lingerie sample display

Blue is usually considered a gentle color, which makes people feel comfortable and calm. The following shows a set of samples of Thai blue sex underwear.

The sexy underwear of this style is based on sea blue. The back and hem of the back and hem use the design of black lace and silk material, and decorate some white lace lace. The entire style is soft and noble.

This style of sexy underwear is made of dark blue leather, and a lace lace decoration inlaid with small diamonds is added.This simple but fashionable design reveals a mysterious and noble atmosphere.

Dressing effect display

Below we can see the effect of these blue sexy underwear on the model.

The model wearing a blue silk -style underwear, lace and mesh material adds a softness and temptation to the entire underwear, showing her sexy and elegance.

The model is wearing a blue leather underwear, which is simple and full of texture, noble and sexy, showing her body curve to the fullest.

The status of Thai sexy underwear in sex culture

The Thai people have been very conservative on sexual issues. Under the influence of some traditional values, sex products are not widely accepted.But with the gradual progress of social concepts, more and more Thai people are now beginning to accept the existence of sexual culture.

in conclusion

Thailand’s sexy underwear has a variable design and unique style. With bold and strange color matching and gorgeous details, it has gradually occupied the international market.With the gradual progress of social concepts, Thai sexy underwear will also have a broader market prospect.

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