Teacher Sugar Intellectual Lingerie Novels

That small shop

"This candy underwear is very suitable for ladies with high heels. With the color of the candy and the sweet atmosphere, you can make anyone full of confidence." The sales owner’s sales are convincing.Her shop is famous in the town, but it is still relatively niche.As a teacher, she can run a sexy underwear shop in my spare time.However, she thinks everyone should try different experiences.This allowed her to start her sugar and sex lingerie novels.

Unexpected teacher

In the eyes of her students, the teacher was not the woman sitting in the booth in high heels.It is usually a calm and serious educator.They said it is difficult to associate this shape with the owner of the sexy underwear store.

Desire to suppress

Is this teacher open a shop for his sexual desire?This is the fact to a certain extent.In adversity, she suppressed her desire and interest, and was distressed and tired.She began to explore the needs of her spiritual world and body, and finally found a way of venting suitable for her.

Opportunities for self -exploration

The underwear store has become an opportunity for her to explore herself. She conveys the idea to customers, hoping that her customers can also benefit from this process.She hopes that her guests can reflect on herself, explore her desires and needs, and try to establish contact with herself.

Sex and sexy underwear

The teacher told customers: Sexuality is not only physical satisfaction, but also to experience from a spiritual level.Clothing and props can play a great role in this process.Sex underwear, jewelry, perfume, candlelight, music, etc. can all become lustful fires.

Different experience

She appreciated different types of underwear, from close tube tops, chests to feathers and open crotch underwear with bow.She believes that underwear can give customers different experiences, allowing them to get rid of the conventional sexual way and find the feeling they really want.

Respect for yourself and each other

When it comes to sexy underwear, some people may feel a little uncomfortable.But the teacher hopes to break this distress.She believes that wearing sexy underwear is respect for herself, making herself a more beautiful and sexy woman.This is also a respect for partners.Everyone should try to find a way that suits them to enjoy sex.

Meaning of sex

Sex is a natural process in human life. This process should be beautiful, comfortable and meaningful.Wearing a sexy underwear, make yourself more comfortable and enjoyable, which is conducive to maintaining a reasonable sexual and physiological environment.


The teacher was very satisfied with this, and her experience deeply affected her students.With her efforts, sex and erotic underwear gradually become a topic of taboos.She hopes that more people can build self -confidence and dare to try different experiences.This kind of self -confidence and courage is she hoping to give the world to the next generation; the sexy underwear shop is another stunned mark she left to the world.

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