Taobao shooting sex lingerie exposure

Taobao sex lingerie exposure

In recent years, a large number of sexy underwear merchants have appeared on the Taobao platform, and the quality and publicity methods of these merchants have caused widespread controversy.Recently, some media have exposed the problem of sexy lingerie sales on the Taobao platform, which has aroused widespread concern in society.

false promotion

Some sexy underwear merchants use some false methods in publicity, such as model photos through PS processing, the actual underwear wearing on the model is different from the website, and so on.These merchants hope to attract more buyers with false propaganda to obtain higher sales.

Fake confusion

Other sexy underwear merchants may have fakes to be confused into genuine products, and the price is usually lower than the genuine price.They use fake labels or simple packaging to deceive consumers.Consumers are deceived when they cannot distinguish fakes and genuine products.

Quality issues

In addition to the above problems, some sexy underwear products also have problems in terms of quality.These products may cause discomfort such as allergies and itching.Once this situation occurs, consumers must not only bear physical discomfort, but also need more money and work to deal with this problem.

Postal customer service issues

Some sexy underwear merchants ignore the after -sales service of the product, which makes it difficult for consumer complaints to solve it.When consumer feedback occurs, after -sales service often faces problems such as inability to deal with or slow response speed.


When buying sexy underwear, consumers are advised to choose well -known brands.These brands usually have higher requirements for product quality, and they pay more attention to consumers’ feelings even in after -sales service.In addition, you should check the merchant’s evaluation carefully and choose those reputable merchants.

Customized service

For sexy underwear, each person’s body and needs are different, so consumers can choose to customize services.Customized services can ensure the comfort and appropriateness of underwear.At the same time, customized services usually take a few days, and consumers need to place orders in advance.

the way of buying

In addition to Taobao platforms, consumers can also choose other purchase channels, such as offline stores and well -known e -commerce platforms.When choosing a platform, consumers should also pay attention to the platform’s reputation and the source of the product to ensure that they can buy higher -quality sexy underwear.

size selection

For the purchase of sexy underwear, the correct size selection is essential.If the size is inappropriate, wearing it will be very uncomfortable, and it may cause some physical problems.Therefore, it is recommended that consumers carefully check the merchant’s size table before buying, and refer to their actual size to choose.

Key points for maintenance

For the maintenance of sexy underwear, consumers need to follow some points, such as the correct cleaning method, preservation method, etc.Interest underwear is usually more valuable, so it is necessary to be careful when maintaining and use.

in conclusion

When buying sexy underwear, consumers need to take it seriously, and comprehensively consider various factors such as brand reputation, product quality, platform reputation, after -sales service, size selection and maintenance points.Only by choosing a sexy underwear that meets your needs can we truly feel the pleasure and fun that this clothing can bring.

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