Taobao sex underwear tutorial

Background introduction

Taobao is a very popular e -commerce platform and one of the preferred platforms for many sellers.For sellers in a special field of sexy underwear, how to put on Taobao’s sexy underwear is a problem they must face.Below we will introduce the detailed steps of Taobao’s sexy underwear.

Material preparation

Before putting on the sexy underwear, you need to prepare the following materials:

Photos of sexy underwear (try to choose high -definition photos)

Basic information of sexy underwear (size, material, washing method, etc.)

Description text of sexy underwear (you can find inspiration on other platforms)

Spring underwear price

Open Taobao seller background

In your Taobao seller background, select the "Publishing Products" option.

Choose a product category

Find categories suitable for sexy underwear, such as: adult products> sexy underwear.

Fill in product information

Fill in product information according to the prompts on the page, including title, price, attributes, details, etc.When filling in the title, pay attention to the use of eye -catching words to increase product exposure.

upload photos

Upload high -definition, clear and bright photos, you can upload up to 9.The typesetting of the photo should be neat and beautiful, highlighting the characteristics of the product, so that consumers can see it clearly at a glance.

Fill in the description text

Description The text should be detailed, accurate and vivid.When describing the size of the product, you can give a reference for international standard sizes.At the same time, some slogan can be added to the description to attract attention.

Set the product attribute

Interests of underwear usually requires the attributes of the settings, including size, color, material, etc. The settings of these attributes will help consumers better understand the product.

Set product price

When setting up product prices, pay attention to the pricing of market conditions and similar products, as well as your market positioning.In terms of price settings, do not be too greedy, too high prices may scare back potential consumers.

Complete the shelves

After confirming that all the information has been filled in complete and correct, click "immediately on the shelves" to complete the product.

in conclusion

It is not a difficult thing to put in sexy underwear, just follow the above steps to operate.However, while making goods on the shelves, we also need to pay attention to complying with the requirements of Taobao platforms to avoid illegal behavior.Through continuous optimization of product information and improvement of pre -sales and after -sales service, sellers can continuously increase sales and increase the popularity and credibility of the store.

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