Taobao sex underwear pictures go to horse

How to remove the mosaic on the picture of Taobao sex underwear

With the popularity of the Internet and e -commerce, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao.However, there are mosaic pictures on many erotic underwear pictures, which brings inconvenience to consumers.Today, let’s discuss how to remove the mosaic on the picture of Taobao’s sexy underwear.

1. Understand mosaic

Mosaic is a technology in the picture processing. It divides the original picture into several small pieces and replaces the original pixel with each small piece with a color block to achieve the effect of privacy protection.Generally, the more the mosaic blocks, the less details.

2. Download Taobao Picture

To remove the mosaic on the picture of Taobao’s sexy underwear, you need to download the picture to the local area.On the Taobao website, find the target sexy underwear, right -click the picture, select "Save it as" or "Save the Picture".Name the downloaded picture "Original Picture".

3. Download software

You need to use the software to go to the horse to remove it. There are many free to go to Malaysia on the Internet, such as Mosaic, PixLate, Photo Editor and so on.Select a suitable software to download it on the computer.

4. Open the software

After downloading the software, double -click to open the software.Drag the downloaded "Original Picture" into the software and select "Go to the mosaic" or "Mosaic Remove" option.

5. Go to mosaic

Select the size of the mosaic in the option.In general, the smaller the mosaic block, the clearer, but the details will be more obvious at the same time.It is recommended to choose a mosaic size that suits you according to personal needs.

6. Save the picture

After going to the mosaic, save the picture in the software.Name the newly generated picture "Go to the mosaic picture".

7. Comparison pictures

Put the "original picture" and "Go to the mosaic" together to see if it has achieved the expected effect.If it is not reached, the mosaic size can be adjusted and operated.

8. Upload the picture

After removing the mosaic on Taobao’s sexy underwear pictures, upload the newly generated "Go to the mosaic" to Taobao or other e -commerce platforms.

9. Note

When downloading software and uploading pictures, pay attention to choose regular steps.At the same time, the uploaded pictures cannot involve illegal content such as infringement, violence, pornography, or it will be deleted by the platform.

10. End language

Through the introduction of this article, I believe that many people already know how to remove the mosaic on the picture of Taobao sex underwear?However, it should be noted that going to mosaic is an unsatisfactory behavior. Therefore, we must follow the requirements of the platform that, in the case of protecting privacy, we must use it to the mosaic technology legally and reasonably.

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