Taobao sex underwear model novels

Chapter 1: Background Introduction

There are many sexy underwear shops on Taobao, and their marketing methods are different.One of the shopkeepers, Miss Wang, and her strategy is to ask the model to show the sexy underwear on the Taobao shop.

Chapter 2: Model Recruitment

Miss Wang will issue recruitment information every week to collect models.She asked the model to be young, good, well -figured, confident, and able to match clothing. The most important thing is to be patient, because showing a set of underwear, you need to keep changing clothes and shooting multiple lenses.

Chapter III: Shooting Preparation

Before shooting, Miss Wang will prepare props, clothing and cosmetics in advance to provide the models with sufficient adjustment time to ensure that each model can shoot in the best state of her own state.

Chapter 4: Shooting Method

Miss Wang will formulate different shooting plans for each set of underwear, including shooting location, shooting posture and clothing matching.When shooting, she will continue to communicate with the models to guide them how to show the characteristics of underwear.

Chapter 5: Shooting Tips

In order to show the sexy of the sexy underwear, Miss Wang will design different shooting methods based on different underwear materials and styles.For example, for the underwear of smooth fabrics and lace fabrics, she will use the method of backlight and reflector to highlight the outline and three -dimensional sense of underwear.

Chapter 6: Repair in the later stage

In order to make the picture more beautiful, it is also an indispensable part of the later trimming.Ms. Wang will ask the professional map to modify each photo, eliminate the defects in the photo, improve the saturation of color, ensure that each photo is highly clarity and colorful, so that it will attract more customers.

Chapter 7: Marketing Effect

Through unremitting efforts, Miss Wang’s Taobao store has become one of the top shops in the top of sex underwear, and has many loyal customers.Miss Luo is one of the loyal customers. She said: "Miss Wang’s underwear is not only beautiful, but also good quality. Her models are very confident when shooting, making me more confident when choosing underwear."

Chapter 8: Innovation Development

Although Miss Wang’s shop has achieved great success, it has continued to develop in the market, and it cannot be relaxed for innovation.In order to attract customers of different ages, Ms. Wang began to try to ask models of different characteristics, constantly updating product materials and styles, and bringing more diversified choices to customers.

Chapter 9: Become an industry representative

Ms. Wang’s understanding of the fun underwear industry and the grasp of customer needs have gradually made her one of the representatives of the industry.She gave a speech at the industry and was invited by other stores and merchants to participate in the industry.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

As a successful sexy underwear owner, Miss Wang’s efforts and innovation spirit have given us a lot of inspiration.Through in -depth understanding of customer needs and industry development, continuously improving product quality, and trying various marketing methods can the brand stand out in the fierce market competition and contribute in the industry.

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