Taobao sex underwear map


Sex underwear is a weapon to improve the quality of life of couples.And Taobao’s sexy underwear map is even more dazzling.In a large amount of sexy underwear products, it is difficult to buy your favorite underwear.How to choose the most suitable for you in many sexy underwear products?Let ’s introduce the purchase skills of Taobao’ s sexy lingerie.

Understand your physical characteristics

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first understand your physical characteristics.Such as chest shape, hip curve, and so on.Only by understanding your physical characteristics can you quickly screen out the products that are suitable for you and improve the success rate of purchase.

Size problem

When choosing sexy underwear, size is also an important issue.Different brands of sexy underwear are different, so when buying, it is best to buy according to your actual size.If you are not sure, you can search for the corresponding brand of the brand on Taobao for comparison.

Fabric and quality

Interest underwear is a product close to the skin, so fabrics and quality must be very important.High -quality fabrics are flexible, not easy to deform, comfortable and skin -friendly, and more comfortable and natural when wearing.The inferior fabrics can cause allergies, skin imbalance, sample, fading, etc., which has a negative impact on the body.


Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions and wearing objects.For example, romantic lace underwear is suitable for romantic dinner, while sexy hollow underwear is suitable for expressing love on Valentine’s Day.Choosing a style suitable for occasions and objects can add more surprises and fun to life.

Color selection

Color is also a question that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Bright colors can increase the visual impact of sexy underwear and create a romantic and sexy atmosphere.But at the same time, it is necessary to note that different colors are suitable for different wearers and situations. When choosing, you need to consider the matching with your skin color and occasion.


Interest underwear prices are a problem that cannot be ignored.High price does not mean good quality, and low price does not necessarily mean poor quality.When buying, you need to comprehensively consider your economic strength and demand for products, and choose a product that suits you.

Shop reputation

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, the credibility of the store is also a question that needs to be considered.Choosing a well -credited shop can ensure that the supply is sufficient and the quality of the after -sales service can be ensured.And low reputation stores may have problems such as pseudo -inferior products and poor service quality, which brings unnecessary trouble for themselves.

User evaluation

Selecting sexy underwear on Taobao can understand the quality, appearance, and use of the product through user evaluation.Reading more evaluations can increase the understanding of the product, so as to better choose your favorite sexy underwear.

Album display

Taobao stores have corresponding product display albums. You can more intuitively understand the appearance, materials, and design of the product through the album, so as to provide a reference for choosing the sexy underwear that suits you best.


When buying sexy underwear, you need to consider multiple problems.When choosing Taobao’s sexy lingerie map, so as to accurately understand your physical characteristics, choose the size suitable for you, understand the fabric and quality, match the right style and color, and consider the price and credibility, etc., so as to choose the most suitable choiceYour own erotic underwear.Make sure you can add color and add interest to the life of the husband and wife.

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