Taobao sex underwear does not open to traffic

1. Introduction: The current situation of Taobao sex underwear sales

With the improvement of society and people’s acceptance of sexual culture, Taobao sellers have begun to commit to the sales of sexy underwear, which is also a new business model.However, the Taobao platform has strict management of sexy underwear, so it is difficult for many small sellers to use the channels for opening to traffic to sell and promote it.Below I will analyze the status quo of Taobao sex underwear sales in combination with my experience.

2. The benefits of passing through traffic

Taobao is an important tool for Taobao marketing, which can help sellers promote stores and products, accelerate sales speed, and increase the exposure of stores.Compared with other promotion methods, the advantage of passing through traffic is that the input and output are relatively stable. It can be freely selected according to the seller’s budget and real -time data statistics.Essence

3. The relationship between pass through traffic and sexy underwear

However, the Taobao platform has high sales requirements for sexy underwear. It requires product pictures and descriptions to not have any naked and teasing elements, and cover information such as pornography, violence, vulgarity, reactionary and other information.Due to the special nature of sexy underwear, the product page of many sellers will be prohibited from being prohibited because it does not meet the platform requirements, let alone open to traffic.

4. Taobao’s management policy for sexy underwear

Taobao’s management of sexy underwear is relatively strict. As early as 2014, it announced that "notice on regulating the release and transaction behavior of Taobao’s clothing industry products". Merchants must fully meet the requirements of the platform when publishing sexy underwear products.Exposure and other information.The Taobao platform will also conduct artificial review of the goods.

5. How to avoid risks of sexy underwear sellers

For sellers who want to sell sexy underwear on Taobao, we must first understand the rules and regulations of the platform, and must grasp their own "degrees". Do not make the product description and picture too hot, otherwiseEssenceAt the same time, it is necessary to accurately mark the attributes of size, material, characteristics, and abide by the platform’s return and exchanges and after -sales policies to avoid disputes.

6. Improve store information can increase exposure rate

The search engine in the platform prefers products and stores with high trading volume. Professional sexy underwear needs to describe and introduce the seller according to customer needs and potential market positioning, make up for customer psychological factors, and open the desire to buy customers to win the customer’s kinshipgaze.In addition, it is necessary to improve store information, including store introduction, business hours, contact information, etc., which can improve the credibility and exposure rate of the store.

7. Multi -channel customer acquisition increase sales

Obtaining customers through multi -channel, such as attracting community marketing, Weibo and WeChat platform promotion, which is also worth trying. The process of customer acquisition continues to accumulate customer resources and establish customer groups to improve the credibility and exposure rate of stores and products.Realize precise sales effects.

8. The seller must provide complete after -sales service

For sexy underwear, as a relatively private product, customers’ privacy issues are more sensitive. Sellers need to provide a series of after -sales services, such as return and exchange services, fast distribution services, confidential packaging, etc., to ensure the trust and satisfaction of customersIt is conducive to the long -term development of the brand.

9. Adjust in combination with your own experience

From the perspective of the seller, Taobao is not the only sales way. You can try other ways to increase sales, such as store decoration, cost -effectiveness, partners, etc., adjust your own products, positioning and marketing methods, and on the Taobao platform on the Taobao platformImprove your own travel rate.

10. Summary

As the largest domestic e -commerce platform in China, Taobao has always been strict in management of special products such as sexy underwear. Sellers need to comply with relevant regulations to carry out sales.Although direct vehicles are very important for increasing sales, sexy underwear sellers need to work hard to increase their exposure and popularity through other channels, and finally achieve the target of precise sales.

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