Taobao is 14 years old to buy sexy underwear


Recently, a news has attracted the attention of many people. It is said that a 14 -year -old girl bought sexy underwear on Taobao.This has caused a lot of controversy and discussion.Some people think that this is immoral and inappropriate, while others think this is protecting their privacy and exploring their bodies.So, is the sexy underwear on Taobao suitable for minors to buy?Below, let’s take a look at this problem.

Definition of sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to a sexy, attractive underwear, which is usually used to increase sexual attractiveness and increase sex for sexual life between couples.Interest underwear often uses high -quality and sometimes transparent materials, such as silk, lace, etc. to make.Many erotic underwear also set up functions such as opening, which is convenient for users to be smoother in sexual behavior.

Questy underwear on Taobao

Taobao is one of China’s largest online shopping platforms, and many of them are selling sexy underwear.These shops usually provide very rich styles and colors, and the price is relatively cheaper.

The age limit of buying sexy underwear on Taobao

The terms of the Taobao website clearly stipulate that users under the age of 18 have no right to buy goods with special uses or restricted purchases.Sex underwear is one of the products that are regarded as "special uses". Therefore, minors cannot buy sexy underwear on Taobao.

The risk of buying sexy underwear for minors

The risk of buying sexy underwear for minors is mainly sex education.Minors have no sufficient sexual knowledge, nor the thinking and judgment of adults, and it is difficult for them to understand the health and safety issues in this field.In addition, if minors buy sexy underwear without authorization, parents and regulators may have different degrees of opposition and may lead to family conflicts.

How can this be resolved?

First of all, Taobao platforms need to strengthen control and strictly check whether merchants who sell sexy underwear meet age restrictions to avoid minors from buying sexy underwear on the platform.Secondly, family and schools need to strengthen sex education to allow minors to fully understand the problems of sexual knowledge and sexual health.Finally, society needs more voices, calling and guiding minors to correctly understand sexy underwear and use them reasonably.

How should minors do sex education?

For minors, sex education is very important.Parents should guide minors to treat sexual and sexual health issues correctly by communicating with an equal and inclusive attitude, understanding sexual knowledge and sexual health issues, and educating them in appropriate ways according to their age and situation.

Help minor knows sexy underwear

For minors, sexy underwear is a novel and mysterious thing, and they need to understand the content in this field.Parents and schools can introduce sexy underwear to minors in the form of education, let them understand the role and use of underwear, and let them look at erotic underwear in a more rational way.

in conclusion

It is necessary to buy sexy underwear on Taobao. When buying sexy underwear to buy sexy underwear, minors need to strengthen the management and control of family and schools. At the same time, more voices of society are required to guide and tutor.For minors, sex education as soon as possible is beneficial, helps them learn and understand more knowledge, and correctly understand sexy lingerie.

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