Taobao has no sexy underwear buyer show

Taobao has no sexy underwear buyer show

1 Introduction

Taobao has always been the gospel of sexy underwear enthusiasts.On Taobao, buyer show can allow buyers to understand the effects of the product more intuitively, and good evaluations can also provide other people with a reference.However, recently Taobao has no fun underwear buyer show, which is undoubtedly a great regret for those who want to buy sexy underwear.So, Taobao has no sexy underwear buyer show, what impact does it affect consumers and merchants?

2. Consumer influence

Taobao’s fun underwear buyer show was canceled, and consumers were deprived of the intuitive channels for choosing products.If you do not evaluate and take photos for reference, consumers can only buy goods based on descriptions and pictures. At this time, there may be inconsistent situations that do not match the physical objects.For sexy underwear, this situation is particularly prominent, and sexual underwear that is not fit or inappropriate will likely affect the buyer’s experience.

3. Merchant influence

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Canceling the fun underwear buyer show is also a blow for merchants.It is difficult for merchants to understand the actual effects of the product, and the feedback from consumers will be difficult to obtain, which puts higher requirements for the product quality and service level of the merchant.On the other hand, praise and diagrams can provide more attention and exposure opportunities for merchants. Lack of this feature will also have a certain impact on the sales of merchants.

4. The characteristics of sexy underwear itself

Interest underwear is a consumer product with special needs, which is different from ordinary clothing and accessories.Its style, style and size are particularly important to make the evaluation function particularly important.Because consumers often pay more attention to the actual effects of items when choosing sexy underwear, this part of the user’s demand for evaluation and exposure is also stronger.

5. The existence of other purchase channels

Relying on Taobao’s buyer show is no longer the only way for sex underwear to buy.Other e -commerce platforms also provide similar evaluation and exposure functions, or sexy underwear stores can also provide on -site trial -through services, which can provide better choices for sexy underwear buyers.

6. Evaluation and reliability of sun maps

The authenticity of evaluation and diagram is the key to consumer reference. Some merchants may hype their products through false evaluations, or consumers beautify pictures through PS and other means. These will affect the reliability of evaluation and diagram.At this time, consumers need to carefully screen the evaluation to ensure that they get the most authentic and effective information.

7. The integrity and product quality of the merchant

The integrity and product quality of merchants have always been an important factor affecting consumers’ purchase.The evaluation and diagram functions have been canceled. Merchants need to pay more attention to product quality and service level to allow consumers to trust their products.I believe that only the real strength and good service level can be recognized by consumers.


8. The trend of the development of the sex underwear industry

As a special field of clothing, sex underwear is still in a rapid development stage.For merchants, better quality and services, as well as sales strategies suitable for activities, will be an important factor in winning consumer trust and support.

9. The possibility of the future

Although the cancellation of the fun underwear buyer show has a effect on both consumers and merchants, this may also be part of Taobao’s future adjustment.As a consumer -oriented e -commerce platform, Taobao has been constantly improving its services and quality. In the future, it may bring a better shopping experience to sexy underwear enthusiasts.

10. Summary view

Taobao’s cancellation of the fun underwear buyer show function has a impact on both consumers and merchants, but consumers can still obtain relevant information about evaluation and diagram from other channels.Consumer trust.Interest underwear is a special field. Merchants need to customize better sales strategies for the market and consumers. In the future, Taobao may also provide a better shopping experience.Therefore, this will not have much impact on the entire erotic underwear industry. Consumers and businesses should also open their mindsets and actively face changes.