Take off the female mayor’s sexy underwear novel

The charm of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is one of the essentials for modern women. It can play a role in enhancing women’s self -confidence, improving sexual interests, and stimulating emotion. It is an indispensable part of modern society.

Mayor’s secret

The mayor of a city is a very tasteful woman. She often wears various styles of sexy underwear in daily life, but few people know.

Black stockings

The mayor especially likes black stockings. She thinks that black stockings can make herself more mysterious and sexy charm, which makes people can’t help but want to explore the secrets behind.


The mayor also has some perspective costumes. She believes that this costume can make people feel her body curve and enhance sexual interest.

Plump breast

The mayor’s breasts are full, and it is also a key point that is difficult to ignore in the matching of sexy underwear.She often chooses some styles that can highlight the breasts and make herself more sexy.


The lace costume is a frequent guest in sexy underwear, and the mayor is no exception.She believes that the texture and delicateness of lace will make people have a strong visual impact from which angle.

Move with high heels

The mayor’s sexy underwear also has a commonly used match -high heels.High -heeled shoes can not only make yourself taller, but also more importantly to effectively extend the leg lines and increase the proportion of body.

Sexy toys

The mayor also has some sexy toys, which allows people to think about sex life from different angles.

Golden swimsuit

The mayor will wear a golden swimsuit during vacation. This swimsuit is very eye -catching and can fully show her beautiful curve and sexy atmosphere.

Gorgeous transformation

The mayor’s sexy underwear life is full of colorful elements. This change makes her more confident and charm in daily life.


The charm of sexy underwear is not only their design and material, but also to allow women to emit their own energy and courage, and enjoy the beauty and endless possibilities of life.

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