Supermodel trial to wear sexy clothes

Supermodel trial to wear sexy clothes

Supermodel trial to wear sexy clothes

With the continuous development of society, sexy underwear has been paid more and more attention in modern people’s lives.Some well -known underwear brands have also begun to launch more sexy, distinctive, and in line with modern people’s aesthetic underwear.This article will introduce several sexy underwear and try it on by the supermodel to provide a reference for everyone.

1. Name: Bralette

Bralette is a style with a rear buckle and no steel ring, which belongs to a cupless underwear.This sexy underwear is most suitable for a petite woman, and she is also one of the first choice for daily wear.Especially in the summer, wearing a Bralette sexy underwear can highlight the beauty of the body.

2. Name: Push-up Bra

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Push-up Bra is generally equipped with thick pads and lining, which can make the chest plump.This underwear is more suitable for women with insufficient breasts.After wearing Push-up Bra, supermodels can not only increase the size of the chest, but also make the chest lines more beautiful and make women more sexy.

3. Name: babydoll

Babydoll is a sexy underwear that has almost no restraint.It is usually made of thin materials, and the lower hem is short.Usually its hem parts are added with lace, satin and other materials, which can highlight the beauty of women.Babydoll is suitable for petite women, showing the curve of the body more perfect.

4. Name: Corset

Corset is a kind of underwear, which can control the lines of the body and chest to achieve a more perfect visual effect.After the supermodel is put on Corset, it will be tall and tall, and the figure is more graceful.

5. Name: Bodysuit

Bodysuit is an overall underwear, usually made of lace, silk and other materials.It is most suitable for women with a slim figure.Bodysuit can perfectly show the lines of women’s entire body. At the same time, cutting and reasonable design can have the characteristics of comfort and beauty.

6. Name: Chemise

Chemise is a bit similar to babydoll, but it is more distinctive.It is generally made of light and soft fabric, which is more comfortable and more sexy.When trying to try CHEMISE, supermodels can not only highlight the beauty of the figure, but this underwear is also more suitable for summer dress.


7. Name: Garter Set

Garter Set’s sexy underwear is more distinctive.It is composed of underwear, socks and bra.It is more suitable for women with high shape.After wearing Garter Set, it can not only highlight the beauty of the figure, but also make women more decent and elegant.

8. Name: Teddy

Teddy is also an overall sexy underwear, which is made of thinner fabrics.Its tailor has two types: box type and triangular type. It is wrapped in materials such as lace and other materials to expose a beautiful curve.After the supermodel is put on Teddy, it looks more sexy and charming.

9. Name: Bandage Bra

Bandage Bra has appeared half a century ago, and it is a very durable sexy underwear.It has a very special rib structure that makes women’s chest more sexy and full.This underwear is more suitable for women with slim figures and insufficient breasts.

10. Name: Open Cup Bra

Open Cup Bra is a very sexy and sexy sexy underwear. It is made of light and thin materials, and the bra is open to expose women’s chest and make women’s figures more hot, but it is not suitable for daily wear.

in conclusion:

Interest underwear is part of the life of contemporary people and one of the fashion elements.Supermodels try to wear sexy underwear to allow us to better understand the characteristics and applicable occasions of these underwear, so as to better choose the underwear that suits them.