Stockings big feet sexy underwear

Stockings big feet sexy underwear

The importance of quality stockings

When choosing a sexy underwear, an important factor is the quality of stockings.Good stockings have good quality, not easy to damage or hook, full color, comfortable and soft, can better emphasize women’s beauty and add visual temptation.

The use of all kinds of stockings in sexy underwear

Transparent lace stockings can make the entire body more beautiful. It is often used in the matching of sexy underwear to it. It can effectively extend the proportion of legs visually with high heels.

Black and black printed transparent stockings are the color of stockings commonly used in sexy underwear, which can highlight the body curve and aesthetics, which is more tempting than other colors.In addition, there are different patterns and patterns such as lace, mesh eyes, and other patterns.

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Material of stockings

Lace stockings are often made of lace and gauze, which are very soft.Net -eye stockings are woven from the mini fine mesh structure, which can penetrate the skin, sexy and secure.The stockings made of fiber have a certain elasticity, good ductility, and can better fit the figure.

Size in stockings

It is very important to buy the size of stockings, because too large or too small will affect the effect of clothing. Choosing the right size can give full play to the advantages of stockings.Generally speaking, select the corresponding height and weight to determine the size of the size.

Different color stockings matching skills

The red and black group’s stockings have a very strong visual effect. It is a classic match in many women’s hearts. It is often used in bold and bold sexy underwear style. It is sexy and full of fashion.

Black stockings are good basic styles, simple and generous, and can be paired with more sexy underwear of any color.If paired with black high -heeled shoes, it can further enhance the elegance and temptation of the entire shape.

The matching skills of sexy underwear and stockings

Stockings are usually used with sexy underwear. The colors and styles of the two should be matched. Be careful not to be too fancy.It is best to choose a main color, and the overall sense is better.


For high -necked erotic underwear, do not choose too heavy stockings. Simple lace transparent stockings are often a good choice, which can show soft leg lines well.

Attention to transfer skills

In the matching of stockings and sexy underwear, one skill is to transfer attention.Elements such as hollow, lace, and accessories can transfer attention to key positions, make the shape more layered and changing, and can better emphasize the unique charm of women.

Maintenance of stockings

Once you buy good stockings, correct maintenance measures will help them maintain beauty and aesthetics.Generally speaking, stockings should be washed by hand, it is best to operate according to the instructions on the label, and use a mild laundry.

in conclusion

In the choice of sex underwear, stockings are the most important part of.The quality of good stockings can better emphasize the beauty of women, make the shape more layered, and give people a sexy and tempting feeling.