Special business license erotic underwear

Special business license erotic underwear

Special business license erotic underwear

Before operating any products or services, we need to abide by relevant regulations and meet the corresponding qualifications.As for products such as sexy underwear that are not very public, many people do not know what kind of licenses are needed.This article will introduce you to whether you need a special business license to operate the sexy underwear.

1. What is a special business license

Special business licenses refer to a certificate of implementation of operating permits on specific types of goods or services.Merchants with a special business license say they have passed the review of relevant competent authorities and obtained their business permits.

2. Whether sex lingerie requires a special business license

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According to China’s "Special Equipment Safety Law" and "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations", sexy underwear belonging to special equipment also requires special business licenses.Merchants who are operating in sex underwear need to apply for a special business license to the national special equipment inspection agency, and obtain a certificate after meeting the conditions.

3. How to apply for a special business license

If you want to apply for a special business license, you first need to verify whether your own business type is a special business scope.Then you need to apply to the local special equipment supervision agency, submit relevant application materials in accordance with the requirements, and obtain special business licenses after review and other procedures.

4. What conditions do special business licenses need to be met

Merchants who are engaged in sexy underwear need to meet the following conditions to obtain special business licenses:

(1) With an independent legal person qualification or a legal business qualification;

(2) It must have special equipment that meets national compulsory standards;

(3) With the ability of security and guarantee, the safe use of special equipment can be guaranteed to prevent accidents;

(4) Have a regular sales channel and after -sales service guarantee system.


5. Whether you can run a fun underwear without a special business license

Merchants who do not obtain special business licenses are not allowed to operate sexy underwear that belongs to the special equipment category.Otherwise, once a sexual underwear safety accident occurs, such a merchant will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

6. How to identify whether the merchant is legal

Merchants who are engaged in sexy underwear must hold a special business license, which is the voucher for legal operation.In addition, if the merchant also holds relevant certification qualifications or has good reputation and evaluation, it can better protect consumers’ rights and interests.

7. The importance of sexy underwear security

Special equipment safety cannot be ignored. For example, sexy underwear, a product that involves physical safety, needs to attract attention.This requires consumers to pay attention to key factors such as brands, materials and quality when buying and using sexy underwear to prevent fraud or safety accidents.

8. Conclusion

Special business licenses are required for sexy underwear, which is the guarantee of law and security.As consumers, we must not only choose a legal business to buy sexy underwear, but also need to pay attention to key factors such as quality and safety, and to ensure sexy and passion while protecting our physical health.