South Korean group wearing sex lingerie

South Korean group wearing sex lingerie


Since its birth of sexy underwear, it has been loved and respected by fashionable women.It can not only enhance self -confidence, but also stimulate inner passion, adding a romance and interest to sexual life.In recent years, some of South Korea’s combination stars have frequently appeared in sexy underwear, which has attracted the attention and heated attention of many people.So, what are the Korean combinations wearing sex underwear?Let’s follow my pace to find out.


AOORA is a Korean male singer. His music style is mainly electronic music and is known as "South Korea’s Lady Gaga".AOORA has appeared on various styles of sexy underwear on his stage, which also made him a clear stream in the Korean entertainment industry, causing some discussions on gender, sexual orientation and aesthetics.

2. Brown Eyed Girls

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Brown Eyed Girls is a combination of South Korea and consists of four female singers.Their clothing design at the concert has always attracted the attention of fans, and it is even more indispensable for the matching of sexy underwear.They firmly believe that beauty is not only a manifestation of appearance, but also to be emitted from the heart. Sex underwear is also one of the ways they show their confidence and sexy.

3. Rain

Rain is a very famous Korean male singer and actor, and he is also known as "Korean Meteor".At several times of Rain’s concerts, the appearance of dressed underwear singing has detonated the audience.He believes that wearing fun underwear can not only increase the charm of women, but also allow men to feel more sexual interest.

4. T-ara

T-ara is also a women’s music group in South Korea, and sexy underwear often appears in their music MVs.Their music has obvious popularity and electronic music elements, seeking balance between sexy and vitality.The way of dressing underwear is also cleverly integrated into their music MVs, showing the charm of sexy and cute coexistence.

5. 2NE1

2NE1 is a very popular Korean girl group, consisting of four sexy female singers.Their clothes on the stage are very diverse, and the matching of sexy underwear is even more unforgettable.They firmly believe that sexy underwear can bring more confidence and sexy, and can also make them better show their charm.

6. Girls’ Generation

Girls ’Generation is another female group in South Korea and consists of nine female singers.They often have sexy, blurred gender, and even some vulgar shapes in music MVs, such as wearing sexy underwear, but have caused some controversy.But they themselves believe that these shapes are not to cater to the inherent aesthetics, but to show more diversity.


7. Big Bang

Big Bang is a Korean man group, consisting of five members.Their music style is mainly Hip Hop and RAP, but at the 15th anniversary commemorative concert, members performed in sexy lingerie to perform, making everyone a shock.They believe that wearing erotic underwear can also be one of the way men show their own charm and personality.

8. Conclusion

Everyone has their own aesthetics and style, and the way to wear sexy underwear should also vary from person to person.Whether it is a Korean group or other people, you can use your own way to interpret the charm of sexy underwear, so as to achieve better self -statement and display.Try to wear fun underwear, you might as well start from your own aesthetics, find the most suitable way for you, and make yourself confident and sexy.