Shu Qi sexy underwear performance

Shu Qi sexy underwear performance

Foreword: The charm of Shu Qi sexy underwear

As a goddess of the entertainment industry, Shu Qi is highly elegant and sexy.In addition to the endorsement of several mainstream brands, she has also endorsed some sexy underwear brands, and she has performed sexy underwear on many occasions.This article will introduce you from the perspective of Shu Qi’s sexy underwear performance to introduce different styles of sexy lingerie and matching skills.

Shu Qi sexy underwear wearing form 1: bras set

Drain suits are one of the most common sexy lingerie styles.It usually includes a exquisite bra and the corresponding bottom.Shu Qi wore a black carving quarry suit in a runway show in 2015, showing her good figure.When wearing a bust suit, choosing underwear similar to the skin color can make people look more natural, without worrying about the color of the underwear too conspicuous.

Shu Qi sexy underwear wearing form two: swimwear -style sexy underwear

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The swimsuit sexy underwear is usually composed of two parts: a top with straps and a corresponding bottom.Shu Qi performed on stage many times in this kind of underwear.Choosing a swimsuit underwear can not only show the figure, but also very suitable for dresses during vacation.Black or red styles are good choices.

Shu Qi sexy underwear wearing form three: hollowing out -of -the -art underwear

Capacity underwear is a very sexy style.When wearing a hollowed ons, you should try to avoid wearing dark underwear, so as not to expose the skin below, causing a bad impression.Usually with short skirts or shorts, it can release the sexy atmosphere of a gentle woman.

Shu Qi sexy underwear wearing form four: stockings set

Stockings set is a very classic sexy lingerie style, and it is also one of the way Shu Qi often uses.When choosing stockings, it is recommended to choose meat -colored or transparent styles.Stockings suits usually need to be paired with high heels, which can make the whole person look more charming.

Shu Qi sexy underwear wearing form five: lace conjunctive maid dress

Lace conjoin maid dress is a very cute, sexy, and seductive sexy underwear.Shu Qi once wearing a pink lace conjunctual maid in an event to perform on stage.When wearing a maid dress, you can tie a belt on the waist or navel to make you look more charming.

Shu Qi sexy lingerie wearing form 6: Rabbit girl dress

The rabbit girl outfit has represented a sexy and tempting since the 1950s.Shu Qi also once wearing a rabbit girl outfit.Rabbit girls are usually composed of lace fabrics and headdress with rabbit ears. The lower body is paired with black. High heels are common matching options. At the same time, it will also make the entire image better with fake eyelashes and pink lip gloss.

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Shu Qi sexy underwear wearing form 7: suspender sexy skirt

The suspender sexy skirt is very slim when put on, which can highlight the streamlined shape of the figure. Shu Qi once wore a lace suspender sexy skirt at the event and paired with a palepilla mouth high -heeled shoes to make her look more slender.Based on the short skirt, the suspender sexy skirt is best added with a bellyband to create more temptations.

Shu Qi sexy lingerie wearing form eight: lace nightdress set

The lace nightdress set is a very favorite pajamas style, and it is also very suitable for wearing on special occasions.Putting on a black lace sleeping skirt suit, the temperament is instantly improved, so that others can involuntarily feel Shu Qi’s tenderness and sexy aroma.When special occasions or the theme party, wearing such a nightdress set can make yourself more outstanding.

Shu Qi sexy underwear wearing form nine: transparent and sexy lace jacket

Transparent and sexy lace jacket is a very sexy way of dressing, which allows you to add a little sexy style to the basis of your coat.Shu Qi once wore a black transparent jacket with a white beam of underwear to make him look more sexy and attractive.

Shu Qi sexy underwear wearing shape ten: lace pajamas+stockings match

Shu Qi once appeared in the magazine to wear black lace pajamas+black stockings, making people intoxicated in her elegant and gentle temperament.When combining with lace pajamas and stockings, pay attention to the transparent style of stockings, avoid destroying the overall temperament, and pay attention to color matching.

Views: Shu Qi sexy underwear display self -confidence and sexy

As a goddess, Shu Qi has a certain influence in the fashion circle.Her erotic lingerie shows her beauty, sexy and confident, making her a beautiful landscape on the fashion show.For ordinary people, the correct erotic underwear can not only convey their sexy atmosphere through vision, but also release more charm while enhancing self -confidence.Choosing a sexy lingerie style that suits you, showing your different personality, is also a manifestation of beauty.