Shu Qi early sexy underwear catwalk show

Shu Qi early sexy underwear catwalk show

Shu Qi early sexy underwear catwalk show

1 Introduction

When people talked about Shu Qi, the first thing that appeared in her mind may not be her acting or love life, but her former sexy underwear catwalk.In the early days of Shu Qi, as one of the sexy representatives in the Hong Kong film and television circle, her performance on the show underwear show was also quite good, leaving a deep impression on people.

2. Shu Qi’s sexy underwear catwalk experience

As early as 1997, Shu Qi participated in an event called the "Infusion Underwear Show". At that time, she was only 19 years old.This event was hosted by a large underwear company in Hong Kong at that time. It was the first sexy underwear catwatch in Hong Kong history.Shu Qi performed very well in this event, not only bravely showing underwear, but also active on the show stage.This experience made her a representative figure in the Hong Kong underwear industry at that time.

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3. Various styles of sexy underwear

The types of sexy underwear are very rich, and there are sexy underwear, stockings, sex sets, and body clothes.For a catwalk such as Shu Qi, she can control the sexy underwear of various styles and show the outsourcing figure.Whether it is exposed leg, back, or V -shaped design, she can be interpreted vividly.

4. Sexy is not equal to exposure

Many people mistakenly think that sexy underwear represents exposure, but in fact sexy is not equal to exposure.When Shu Qi took a lot of skin, although she showed a lot of skin, she did not feel too exposed.She knows how to master the scale, not only does not make people feel embarrassed, but also more sexy and charming.

5. Shu Qi’s catwalk style

The style of Shu Qi in the fun underwear is elegant and generous, and at the same time contains a hint of uninhibited atmosphere.Not only did she walk and have eyes, she also paired with action, showing the sexy underwear to the fullest, making people seem to see what they wore on themselves.

6. Shu Qi’s figure

In addition to the perfect performance skills and catwalk style, Shu Qi’s figure is also one of the important reasons for her to become a representative of the sexy underwear show.She has a charming curve and skin, and her exquisite face and long hair make her sexy index soar instantly.

7. The influence of Shu Qi

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Shu Qi’s sexy underwear catwalk showed a deep impression on many people.She has not only become one of the representatives of the Hong Kong underwear industry, but also provides many people with a new and more positive model of sexy lingerie.Under her influence, sexy underwear has become more universal.

8. End

In general, Shu Qi’s erotic underwear show not only makes people see the sexy and charming side of the woman, but also shows her independent and confident character.She will not dare to show her most natural side because of the eyes of others.This spirit is not only reflected in her underwear catwalk, but also into her life, making her the object of everyone sought after.