She is angry with her girlfriend’s sexy underwear

She is angry with her girlfriend's sexy underwear

The misunderstanding of the girlfriend’s fun underwear

We often think that sending erotic underwear is a romantic thing, which can add the intimacy between couples, but if you choose improperly, it will cause his girlfriend’s anger and dissatisfaction and impact emotions.Here are some misunderstandings to give girlfriends with fun underwear.

Ignore your girlfriend’s hobbies

When choosing sexy underwear, some men only consider their preferences and ideas, and ignore their girlfriend’s hobbies and personality characteristics.This kind of behavior lacks communication and communication with his girlfriend, and it is easy to make your girlfriend feel unwilling and ignored.

Lack of understanding of his girlfriend’s figure

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The texture, size, and defects of erotic underwear are important considerations for choice, and the lack of understanding of their girlfriend’s figure will also make men often make difficulties when choosing sexy underwear.Before buying, men need to understand key information such as their girlfriends’ body data and habit preferences, so as to choose the most suitable sexy underwear.

Select the sexy lingerie style that is not suitable for girlfriend

Different types of sexy lingerie styles are suitable for different occasions and needs.For example, some styles are suitable for flirting and some styles are suitable for celebrating certain special days.When choosing sexy underwear, men must make choices according to the needs of the occasion and their girlfriends, and choose a perfect marriage greetings.

Don’t pay attention to the comfort of your girlfriend

Interest underwear not only has exquisite appearance and sexy appearance, but also should be comfortable.If the underwear is too tight or does not match the girlfriend’s body curve, it may make his girlfriend feel uncomfortable.When buying sexy underwear, men must consider the comfort of their girlfriends, and choose soft and comfortable fabrics and suitable sizes.

Did not accurately grasp the guidelines of your girlfriend’s behavior

Each woman’s attitude and behavior in different emotional conditions are different, and sometimes she is unclear.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, we must accurately grasp the attitude and guidelines of their girlfriends to avoid improper selection and cause negative impacts.

Lack of experience in selecting affectionate lingerie offline shops and online stores

Both online and offline sales channels are selling for underwear sales, but online and offline shopping experiences are very different.The lack of experience in online shopping will make men feel at a loss when choosing sexy underwear.It is recommended to first understand the characteristics and advantages of each store, and choose the right store shopping according to your own needs.

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Lack of basic sex lingerie knowledge

Understanding the basic knowledge of love underwear will help choosing and buying sexy underwear.Therefore, men spend more time thinking, understanding and learning about sexy underwear, and choose a suitable sexy underwear.

Not using sex underwear as an emotional expression

When some men choose sexy underwear, they only treat it as an item or gift without expressing it as an emotional expression.In fact, sexy underwear is not just a kind of item for girlfriends, but also an emotional transmission and expression.


When choosing and giving away female girlfriends, men should pay attention to these misunderstandings.Choosing a suitable erotic underwear can not only add sexual interest and interest, but also increase the intimacy between couples.Try to pay attention to information such as girlfriend’s needs and body size, so that there will be a successful sexy lingerie gift.