Sexy underwear wholesale location

Sexy underwear wholesale location


The emergence of sexy underwear has changed people’s views on underwear, from a functional clothing to a visual and emotional feeling, and also promoted the development of the erotic underwear wholesale market.So where can I wholesale good sexy underwear?

Online platform

With the development of the Internet, more and more sexy underwear wholesale sellers have set their sights on online.Taobao, Tmall and other e -commerce platforms are a good choice. You can find your satisfactory underwear by screening prices, reviews and other methods.If you want a more favorable price, you can find some sexy underwear purchased directly from the factory on Taobao.

Cross -border e -commerce

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In addition to domestic online platforms, cross -border e -commerce is also a good choice.Now that sex underwear has become part of some fashion brands abroad, and is welcomed by young people in continuous innovation.You can wholesale erotic underwear you like through some well -known cross -border e -commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

Wholesale market

The wholesale market has always been the choice of sexy underwear for many people. The environment is beautiful and the price is relatively affordable.For example, the Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale market is a good place for the wholesale of sexy underwear. It concentrates thousands of sexy underwear brands on mainland China. There are many styles and diverse prices, which can meet the needs of different grades and taste customers.

Factory direct marketing market

Some sexy underwear manufacturers will have the direct sales market for the outside world, which is also a good wholesale place.Different from the wholesale market, the price of the factory direct sales market will be more affordable, and the style is novel and the quality is over. It can also avoid the costs brought by the intermediate links.Of course, the premise is to consult and make an appointment in advance.

The huge wholesale market in the country

In addition to Guangzhou’s Baima clothing wholesale market, there are many large wholesale markets in other cities.For example, Beijing Wufangzhai, Hangzhou East and West, North and South, Shanghai Hang Lung, Guangzhou Baiyun International and other sexy underwear wholesale markets.You can find a cheaper sexy underwear brand in these markets.

Commercial Street or Market

Some commercial streets or markets are also a good place for wholesale sexy underwear.For example, Hong Kong’s Mong Kok, Shenzhen’s Dongmen Business District and other places have a high reputation at home and abroad. Different brands have different natures. You can choose according to your needs.Essence

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Some manufacturers can customize sexy underwear in batches according to customer requirements, especially small and medium -sized intimate manufacturers.You can discuss with the customizer first, and then customize the needs of the sexy lingerie, size, material, etc., and finally buy it at the wholesale price.

Strange wholesale place

In addition to the traditional wholesale market, commercial street or market, there are some strange wholesale places to consider.For example, some sellers can wholesale sexy underwear through social networks such as WeChat and QQ. This method can realize the price, faster speed and more convenient communication of the price.However, it is necessary to pay attention to protecting personal information security and the principle of "one point for one point".

Niche sexy underwear brand

In addition to some well -known brands, some niche brands can also consider that although sometimes it is not so cheap in price, there will be more unique design and preferential services.You can consider encountering similar manufacturers to dig out these niche underwear brands.


The above are some brief introductions about the wholesale location of sexy underwear. On the one hand, the summary is the two aspects of the price and quality of sex underwear wholesale. Customers choose the most suitable wholesale place according to their needs;On the other hand, it is more important to choose suitable wholesale channels based on the actual situation of their own location and needs. You can choose the combination of online and offline to tap the wider and wider sexy underwear market.