Sexy underwear wearing sanitary napkins

Sexy underwear wearing sanitary napkins


Wearing erotic underwear is one of the ways many women express their sexy and charm.However, during menstruation, wearing erotic underwear may cause some trouble.Many women have doubts: Can we wear a fun underwear and use sanitary napkins?how should I do it?This article will be discussed from all aspects.

Selection of sexy underwear and sanitary napkins

First of all, women should choose the right model and style when wearing sexy underwear during menstruation.Avoid wearing those sexy underwear that is too tight or close, because these underwear can cause the sanitary napkin to be sticky, thereby delaying your daily life.Similarly, the choice of sanitary napkins is also very important.Choose a sanitary napkin with sufficient viscosity and water absorption.

How to correctly wear sanitary napkins

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Putting a sanitary napkin correctly is very important for women, especially when wearing sexy underwear.First, tore off the tape of the sanitary napkin so that it can be pasted on the inside of the clothes.Then, the sanitary napkins are evenly attached to the center of the underwear.Women should buy sanitary napkins close to panties when choosing a sanitary napkin to minimize the displacement as much as possible.

Use a pad

The use of pads during menstruation is also very important for women.The pad can play a role in supplementing the lack of sanitary napkins, which can not only play the role of absorbing blood, but also reduce the chance of bacterial breeding.

Selection of alternatives

If women feel very uncomfortable to wear fun underwear and sanitary napkins, you can choose other cyclical supplies.The menstrual cup is a very good alternative. Its material is soft and comfortable. It also has the advantage of sustainability and long -term use of cost savings.

Cleaning and maintenance

Correct sexy underwear cleaning and maintenance are very important.During menstruation, it can be cleaned with warm water or neutral detergent with warm water or neutral detergent.It is best not to use strong acid and alkaline cleaning agents such as bleach to avoid damage to the material of sexy underwear.After washing, do it naturally in a cool place. Do not dry it with high temperature or expose it to the sun.


You need to pay attention to some matters when wearing sexy lingerie.During menstruation, you can choose loose sexy underwear to protect your body.Especially when sleeping at night, you can choose a sexy underwear without steel to make your body more free and comfortable.

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Time and frequency consideration

Women need to pay more attention to their bodies during menstruation, and wearing sexy underwear also needs to consider time and frequency.During menstruation, it is best not to wear sexy underwear too frequently to avoid affecting the physiological environment of the vagina.

Details of personal hygiene

During menstruation, personal hygiene is very important.Women also need to pay attention when wearing fun underwear.Try not to make the erotic underwear too crowded. You should choose a material with good breathability, keep dry, wash your hands and change your underwear.

The applicability of social occasions and family daily life

The applicability of sexy underwear also needs attention in different occasions.In family life, wearing erotic underwear will not cause hidden safety hazards to the body.When visiting relatives or meeting with friends, you can select sexy sexy underwear according to the occasion.However, when you go to work or participate in activities in public, you must choose carefully.

in conclusion

In general, women can wear sexy underwear during menstruation. When wearing, pay attention to some details, and choose according to factors such as their physical conditions and occasions.When buying sexy underwear, choose materials with good breathability and comfort.It is also important to correctly wear sanitary napkins and use pads to strengthen personal hygiene and pay more attention to cleaning and maintenance.