Sexy underwear version tutorial

Sexy underwear version tutorial

Understand love underwear version

Sexy underwear is a sexy and charming underwear. Its version of the version is different from the version of ordinary underwear.Before designing sexy underwear, it is necessary to understand the version of the version.

Collect inspiration and information

Before creating sexy underwear, you need to collect relevant inspiration and information.There are many different types of erotic underwear on the market. You can understand the popular style and style by observing similar products in the market.

Use the right fabric

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Interest underwear usually needs to use more detailed and softer fabrics.Like any other underwear, comfort is almost the most important consideration.


The painting board can help you better study the design and help you depict the visual effect you want.Through the drawing board, you can repeatedly modify the design on the canvas until you get the ideal design.

Model production

The production of sexy underwear needs to be made.According to the design of the design, properly adjust and modify to ensure that the final underwear can be perfectly suitable for customers.

Preliminary trial and correction

Before forming formal production, preliminary trial penetration is necessary.Please try on the model, check the designs and deficiencies, and make corrections based on their feedback.

Sample production

Before carrying out large -scale production, make samples.In the production of samples, it is necessary to conduct one by one in accordance with the production process to ensure that the final produced products are consistent with the design, and they have sufficient comfort and adaptability.


Batch production

After completing the production of samples and confirming that it is fully in line with the design, you can produce underwear in batches.At this time, a comprehensive production process and strict quality control measures need to be needed.

Constantly improve design

The sex underwear market is constantly developing and changing. Therefore, designers need to continue to sum up and reflect on their design, and continue to improve and adjust according to market feedback and changes.

Conclusion: The sexy underwear version is not simple

Interesting underwear production requires comprehensive knowledge and skills, including design, fabric, production, debugging, trial and other links.Only comprehensive preparation and strict production processes can ensure the high quality and customer satisfaction of the final product.