Sexy underwear SM Putting Blood Drops

Sexy underwear SM Putting Blood Drops

SM sex underwear entry

In sexy underwear, SM is a very hot type.It is not like ordinary sexy underwear just showing beauty. SM sex underwear is more to express the pleasure and depth of sex in a unique way, giving people a stimulating experience with challenging and dangerous sense.Therefore, if you are trying this type of sexy underwear for the first time, be sure to understand some entry knowledge.

SM Classification of Blood Drops

The blood droplets in SM sex underwear can be divided into single and double -fitting.A single blood drip refers to the exquisite elastic mesh of the upper body area, which is closely combined with the blood droplets of the lower body, which visually forms a blood flow that penetrates the whole body, which is very embarrassing.The double -loading blood droplets are designed separately to simply highlight the sexy curve of the lower body, allowing people to feel a stronger pornographic symbol visually.

SM purchase of blood droplets

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For those who buy SM for the first time, it is best to choose the appropriate size.Whether it is a single or double -fitting, you need to close your body closely, so as to produce a better visual magic effect.In addition, choose low -visibility occasions to use it, because this sexy underwear must not only be appropriate, but also strictly control the occasions.

SM to wear blood drops

The way of wearing SM is basically the same as other erotic underwear.First put on the lower body with a blood drip, and then put on the corresponding style top, and finally make full effort to the whole.It is worth noting that when you wear the blood droplets, the pace will be slightly slightly changed because of the elastic mesh characteristics. MMs can fix a belt around their waist, which is even more twisted.

SM accessory selection of blood droplets

How to match the type of sexy underwear of SM with blood droplets into a more perfect visual effect?Just like other strange shapes, it is necessary to match the correct accessories.It is recommended to use decorations like leather cases to enhance the grade. At the same time, it can be vaguely exposed in the upper arm and wrist assist items to create a more perfect fun underwear atmosphere.

SM’s maintenance method of blood drops

For sexy underwear like SM, proper maintenance methods are particularly important.It is recommended to use cold water hands to wash, and you cannot use a washing machine.For the first time, it is best to clean it. At the same time, apply the cleaner and laundry powder to places that are not easy to clean to prevent bacteria from breeding.After cleaning, just air dry.

SM brand recommendation

The SM on the market has a lot of sexy underwear, with different brand characteristics and cost -effectiveness.Famous brands include LOVER Beauty, Silk Printing ス レ ン ダ ー ブ ラ ッ ク, Flower Queen, Miss Creative, AS, HM, etc.Specifically, well -quality and high -quality brands are more popular with consumers.

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SM with blood drops with clothes

Although the type of sexy underwear of SM is very eye -catching, how can it be used to play its charm the best?It is recommended to pair with tight jackets, skirts, denim shorts, etc. Do not choose skirts, trousers, etc. with too high personal degrees, so as not to be destroyed by the design effect of sexy underwear.

SM -installing blood droplets wear occasion

Because SM’s type of sexy underwear is more exposed and sexy, it is not suitable for wearing in restaurants, bars, families, etc., because it will make people around you feel indecent.It is recommended to wear in similar private places such as sex, and mystery will make your love road more popular.

SM risk reminder

Any type of sexy underwear has its risk point.For SM’s blood drip, if it does not meet the size requirements and improperly wearing, it may affect health if the skin pressure is too large.Therefore, in the process of use, we must pay attention to comfort and avoid wearing too long. If necessary, you can rest or take off your sexy underwear in a timely manner.

SM’s view of blood drops

In general, SM is a sexy underwear in sexy underwear. It has a very strong temptation and can add a lot of color to the sex life of the couple.At the same time, it also requires us to be cautious and moderate. Be sure to pay attention to the occasions and time wearing to prevent unnecessary trouble.The ultimate goal is to maintain a healthy and safe process in the process of enjoying the beautiful underwear and ensure the smoothness of life.