Sexy underwear sister video

Sexy underwear sister video


Sexy underwear has always been the personal preference of women, and now it has become a hot topic.Recently, some sisters videos have set off a wave of sexy underwear.In this article, we will explore the video of sexy underwear and share some selected sexy underwear recommendations.

What is sexy underwear sister video?

Sister video of sexy underwear is a hot topic recently on social network platforms. It is shot by two women wearing sexy sexy underwear for short videos.This kind of video not only helps consumers recognize more different types of sexy underwear, but also for those who are hesitant to be hesitant when choosing personal sex underwear, but also help to provide a reference for buying.

Types of sex underwear

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There are many types of erotic underwear. In terms of style, the most common types include bras, underwear, stockings, conjoined suits, suspenders, pajamas, stall pants, etc.From the perspective of material, sexy underwear is usually made of lace, translucent grid, silk, tulle and other materials.

Recommended sexy underwear for different bodies

Because everyone’s body is different, not every sexy underwear is suitable for every woman.Here are several sexy underwear for different figures.

Small chest

For those with small breasts, it is best to choose a slightly smaller sexy underwear, which can make the breast look more measured.Deep V style erotic underwear is also a very good choice.

Big boobs

For those with large breasts, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear with a certain support.In addition, the strap must be wide enough to reduce the burden on the shoulders and neck.These style of sexy underwear generally add a little filling to make the breasts look fuller.


For short children, it is best to choose sexy underwear with high waist design, so as to lengthen the proportion of figure.Choose a more refreshing and simple style to avoid excessive patterns and details, which will be more suitable.



For tall women, choosing some simple and smooth styles is more suitable.In addition, you can try to choose some sexy suspenders and lace styles to better highlight the body advantage.

Suitable for sexy underwear recommended for different occasions

In different occasions, we also need to choose different types of sexy underwear.The following are different types of erotic underwear required for several occasions:

Sexy underwear party

For sexy underwear parties, it is best to choose a more sexy and exaggerated style.For example, hip -hip shorts, exposed nipple clips, and high heels can increase the overall sexy level.

In the bedroom

When choosing sexy underwear in the bedroom, it is best to choose some more comfortable materials, such as soft cotton and lace.Add some rich details, such as bow, lace lace, etc., which can increase fashion and sexy.

Usually wearing

When we are wearing, we need to choose a more close and comfortable sexy underwear.For example, no steel rings and unsatched bra, ordinary underwear, and simple design slings can be easily worn.

How to correctly clean the sexy underwear

When cleaning sex underwear, we should be particularly careful to avoid damage to their details and materials.Here are some techniques for cleaning the sexy underwear correctly:


Hand washing is one of the best choices for cleaning sex underwear.Because when washing hands, you can better control the gently cleaning pressure.At the same time, hand washing can also avoid the friction of sexy underwear and damage their materials.

Avoid using bleaching water

Bleachy water will cause serious damage to the color and material of sexy underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to avoid using bleaching water when cleaning the sexy underwear.

Wash with room temperature

When cleaning sexy underwear, it should be used in room temperature water, because overheated or cold water will cause adverse effects on the material of sexy underwear.At the same time, some allergic testing agents should also be used during cleaning to avoid causing skin irritation or sensitivity reactions.

in conclusion

All in all, sexy underwear is not only a private preference for women, but also has become a popular trend.Sister video of sexy underwear also helps consumers understand more sexy underwear types, and the correct choice and cleaning sex underwear can keep your underwear for a long time.