Sexy underwear is afraid of classmates what to do

Sexy underwear is afraid of classmates what to do

Sexy underwear is afraid of classmates what to do


Sexy underwear is a relatively private clothing. In order to maintain their mystery and privacy, some women choose to wear sexy underwear.However, when facing classmates, this privacy is threatened, especially when we find that classmates are curious or have bad evaluations of our underwear, they will cause a certain degree of embarrassment.This article will share some ways to solve this situation.

Method 1: Avoid dressing too sexy

In order to prevent students from finding that you are wearing a sexy underwear, it is recommended that you avoid being too sexy.You can choose some simple and low -key clothing to hide the design of sexy underwear, so as to better protect your privacy.

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Method two: Choose the color of the undocash underwear

Some more bright and prominent colors are easy to attract the attention of others, which leads to the discovery of underwear by classmates.Therefore, in daily life, we can choose some low -key colors, such as black, pink and other colors, which can make our underwear more hidden.

Method 3: Choose a more conventional underwear style

In order to avoid students’ curiosity or evaluation of their underwear, it is recommended to choose more conventional styles to avoid some too exciting designs or too strange styles.This can better protect privacy.

Method 4: It should be suitable for the occasion

Whether it is sexy underwear or other clothes, wearing it is suitable for occasions.If we wear sexy underwear on formal occasions, this will make people feel disrespectful, and it is easy to be criticized and disgusted by students.

Method 5: Avoid changing clothes in public

Making clothes in public places such as public beauty pageants and bedrooms can easily cause unnecessary attention, so it is recommended to choose a locker room or separate space to replace underwear, so as to avoid being discovered by students and reducing embarrassment.

Method 6: Protect your privacy

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When classmates are curious about our underwear or have bad evaluations, we don’t need to explain to them.We have the right to protect our privacy. You can choose not to respond to this kind of remarks or simply ignore it.Students’ evaluation should not be our restraint.

Method 7: Show your own self -confidence

When classmates do not evaluate our clothing, we should not be frustrated or affected.On the contrary, we should show our self -confidence and maintain a positive attitude.This self -confidence and attitude allows us to handle the evaluation of students more elegantly and freely.

Method 8: friendly communication with classmates communicate with classmates

When classmates have questioned our dresses, we can choose to communicate friendly to communicate with our classmates and explain our clothing choices and design. This allows our students to understand their ideas and habits, so as to avoid unnecessary contradictions and unnecessary contradictions andmisunderstanding.

Method 9: Don’t expose personal information easily

In virtual occasions such as networks, sometimes our personal information will be obtained by classmates. In this case, our privacy and personal image may be affected.Therefore, it is recommended that we do not easily expose personal information and avoid being threatened and violated.

Method 10: Do self -management

Finally, in order to prevent students from being curious or evaluating our sexy underwear, we can do self -management and control the choice, use and kept sexual underwear in our own hands. This can avoid embarrassment and unnecessary effects to the greatest extent.


Sex underwear is a kind of private and mysterious clothing. We can protect our privacy by choosing low -key colors, conventional styles, and avoiding too sexy dressing.At the same time, showing your own self -confidence and attitude and friendly communication with your classmates are also an important way to resolve embarrassment and eliminate misunderstandings.Finally, we need to do a good job of self -management, while mastering the selection and use of sexy underwear, and protecting our privacy and personal image.