Sexy underwear heavy mouth PLAY

Sexy underwear heavy mouth PLAY

1. The concept of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is a kind of underwear category with novel design, different styles, and largely breakthrough in traditional underwear restrictions. The main feature is to stimulate men’s visual senses by highlighting various sexy parts of women.

2. Definition of heavy lipstick underwear PLAY

The heavy lipstick Play refers to a sexy underwear with a certain degree of exposure. Unlike the teasing color of traditional sexy underwear, it also emphasizes some parts of the exposure of the body to stimulate the visual and sexual needs of men.

3. The audience of Play Play

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The audience of heavy lipstick Play is mainly the men with strong sexual desire. They may be some people with sexual dependence syndrome. They hope to satisfy their sexual impulses by stimulating the sexy body parts of women.

4. Types of heavy lipstick underwear PLAY

There are many types of heavy lipsticks, including but not limited to the following:

Cat and women’s clothing: a cat’s ears headwear, cat tail ornament, and underwear with cat patterns, with the theme of cat women’s characters.

Secretary’s dress: A black -shaped lace top with a black pornographic skirt is used to present the charm of the female secretary.

School clothing: A style of using Japanese campus girls’ uniforms to make sexy underwear, emphasizing women’s youth and cuteness.

Human beast dress: a sexy underwear made of animal fur, which is more wild and challenging.

5. Risk of heavy lipstick Play

The existence of heavy lipstick Play also brings certain risks.If it is not used properly, if an excessive stimulus method may cause the physical and mental damage of women. At the same time, if men are too addicted to it, they will trouble the sexual needs in real life.

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6. How to perform heavyweight underwear PLAY?

When performing heavyweight underwear PLAY, you need to pay attention to the following points:

The consent of both parties must be obtained: the other party must not force the other party to perform uncomfortable or unwilling behaviors.

Safety first: When performing heavy taste PLAY, select the right place to avoid using underwear that is too depressed and excessively suppressing breathing, and too sharp props.

Reasonable allocation time: The time of PLAY cannot be too long, otherwise it will cause a certain degree of burden on the body.

7. The effect of heavy lipstick Play

As a challenging and irritating gameplay, heavily lingerie PLAY usually effectively stimulates men’s sexual desire.By balanced the comfort of women and men in behavior, to achieve the sexual pleasure and emotional satisfaction of both parties.

8. How to choose the right heavy taste underwear

When choosing heavyweight underwear, you first need to ensure that you are suitable for your physical appearance. Secondly, you need to choose according to the occasion and partner requirements. Finally, you need to ensure that you can avoid using overly losing the beauty of underwear.

9. The boundary and self -discipline of Play underwear underwear

When performing heavy -flavored underwear PLAY, it is necessary to carry out the border and framework recognized by both parties. It is necessary to maintain proper self -discipline. Do not let the heavy taste PLAY be a behavior beyond the control range.

10. Conclusion

Although heavy lipstick PLAY is an interesting and irritating experience, there are certain risks.When performing such behaviors, we must pay attention to safety and the comfort of both parties in order to truly maximize the sexual pleasure and emotional satisfaction of both parties.