Sexy underwear Hanfu Patriotic Patriarch Beauty

Sexy underwear Hanfu Patriotic Patriarch Beauty

Sexy underwear Hanfu Patriotic Patriarch Beauty


As a special underwear category, sexy underwear can not only meet the sexual needs of some women, but also become a fashion culture.In recent years, more and more women have begun to pursue sexy underwear, and many sexy beauties have shown their charm when wearing sexy underwear.This article will introduce the sexual view of the sexy underwear Hanfu, focusing on the Hanfu style sexy underwear, showing the unique charm of these beauties in the West and Oriental culture.

The definition of Hanfu sex underwear

Hanfu’s sexy underwear refers to the sexy underwear designed with ancient Hanfu as inspiration. Its design focuses on the treatment of traditional aesthetics and details of the Oriental, and at the same time has the texture and sexy of modern underwear.In the overall design, the grasp of rhythm, lines, proportions and colors is emphasized.

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The characteristics of Hanfu’s sexy underwear

Hanfu’s sexy underwear is characterized by unique, delicate, elegant, and sexy coexistence.Through the reference to the classic elements of ancient Hanfu, it integrates it into a sexy underwear and designed a modern classic style, bringing different sexy and charm to women.

The application of Hanfu sex underwear

The application of Hanfu’s sexy underwear is widely used, including sex life, adult entertainment, fashion wear and other fields.Different occasions apply different styles and shapes to make women fully show their beauty and sexy.

Hanfu sexy underwear style and color

The style and color of Hanfu’s sexy lingerie are rich and elegant.Some styles use the traditional elements of Chinese clothing, such as folds, oblique pockets, golden threads, gold hook buckles, etc., while the color is mainly dark color, such as dark red, dark green, dark blue and other tones.

The perfect combination of Hanfu’s sexy underwear and beauty

The performance of Hanfu’s sexy underwear on the beauty can be regarded as perfect match.Its design style is combined with the temperament of the beauty, the body and the ability to wear and style, so that they are satisfactory in many aspects such as sexy, elegant, intellectual and beautiful aspects.

Hanfu sexy underwear wearing skills


The wearing skills of Hanfu’s sexy underwear lies in: Choose the right design style, match suitable accessories, set off your own body advantages, give a certain personal color, etc., so that you can wear your sexy and charm.

The development of Hanfu’s sexy underwear in modern culture

In recent years, the development of Hanfu’s sexy underwear has gradually moved towards modernization and diversification.Modern underwear brands continue to innovate, integrate a variety of cultural elements, and launch more sexy lingerie styles, so that women have more choices and play.

The market prospects of Hanfu sex underwear

The prospects of Hanfu’s sexy underwear market are broad.As people pay more attention to the diversification of the quality of life and the entertainment methods, the voices of personalized needs have continued to rise, and sexy underwear categories will have a broader room for development in the future.


The beauty of the Hanfu Guanshu of the Inspection underwear shows the common interweaving and fusion of oriental culture and sex culture.It is not only a category and fashion culture of underwear, but also a way for women to show their unique charm and bring a different life experience and emotional experience to women.