Sexy lingerie explanation picture

Sexy lingerie explanation picture

Sexy lingerie explanation picture

1. Push up bra (adding chest underwear)

Push Up Bra is a underwear that holds the breast up upwards. Usually use sponge, fillers or thick materials to increase the chest size and help enhance the outline and shape of the chest.

2. Corset (tight corset)

Corset is a kind of tight -fitting corset wrapped in the waist and chest, which usually uses steel or cartilage to provide support.It can shape the curve of the body and provide pressure to make the body more compact.

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3. BABYDOLL (baby skirt)

Babydoll is a short pajama, usually made of light and soft materials, such as silk or lace. It often has cardamom, lace, bow and other decorations.Its design makes women look weaker, cute and seductive.

4. Chemise (suspender pajamas)

Chemise is a thin and light female pajamas, usually made of tulle or cotton material.It is usually short -sleeved or sleeveless, falling along the body to the center of the thigh, sometimes with lace edges or other details.

5. Bustier (tight -fitting corset)

BUSTIER is similar to tight -fitting corset, but usually shorter than tight corsets, covering only the part of the chest.It also often uses steel or cartilage to provide support.

6. Garter

Garter is a strap wearing a waist that can fix the socks.It is usually made of lace or other decorative materials, but also has simple styles.It is a sexy accessory that is often worn with stockings or high socks.

7. Thong (thong)


Thong is a kind of close -fitting underwear. There is only a small piece of fabric behind it, and the part and part of the waist are quite loose.Its design is to avoid obvious traces of underwear and can better display the hip lines.

8. Teddy (connected underwear)

Teddy is a kind of underwear, usually made of soft materials, such as satin or lace.Its design often has a strap, a low -cut armpit, and a slight personal line to show the female shape.

9. BodyStocking (conjoined socks)

BodyStocking is a kind of conjoined socks that are all made of tight materials, such as stretching cotton or nylon.Its design makes women’s body line clearer, and often with leopard or fish net decoration.

10. Crotchless (open panties)

Crotchless refers to the underwear without crotch, which is usually regarded as a sexy and seductive underwear design.This kind of underwear can be easily worn during sex without taking off the underwear.


In the process of choosing sexy underwear, we should pay attention to our size and figure characteristics, and choose the underwear that suits us, instead of blindly following the fashion.The essence of erotic underwear is to highlight and show the elegance, seductive and confidence of women, rather than vulgarity, exposure and vulgarity.Therefore, when choosing and wearing sexy underwear, please take self -confidence, health and respect as the criterion.