Sexy lingerie drawing picture ladies hand -painted

Sexy lingerie drawing picture ladies hand -painted

Understand the importance of love lingerie painting

For women who like to design and make sexy underwear by themselves, it is very important to understand love underwear painting.Because the correct design drawing can guarantee the sexy lingerie sticker in the body, which is beautiful and generous.

Choose suitable drawing tools

First, you need to choose the appropriate drawing tool.You can choose a general pencil or use digital software to draw design drawings.Of course, choose according to your preferences and use scenarios.

Master the correct drawing ratio

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The proportion is very important when designing sexy underwear.Different parts need different sizes and proportions, so you need to carefully master the skills of drawing the proportion of drawing.

Put your thoughts into practice

With preliminary design ideas and techniques of drawing, you can start drawing the design drawing.You can first use a simple sketch to sum up the design and gradually detail.

Use different materials to draw details

Interest underwear will be used in different materials, which needs to be considered during the drawing process.For example, the details of silk and leather are different, and it needs to be processed according to the characteristics of the material.

Understand the characteristics of women

In order to make sexy underwear that fit the body and understand the characteristics of women’s physical characteristics, it is necessary.For example, the size of the bust of different cups is also different, and design needs to be designed according to the actual situation.

Use color matching and detail processing

The color matching and detail processing of sexy underwear are also very important.During the drawing process, a variety of colors can be performed and trying to find the details and color matching methods that are best for you and your customers.

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Make design drawings and try practice

After being proficient in painting and proportions, you can make a design drawing.You can try it many times and continue to improve your design until the finished product achieves your satisfaction effect.

Combined with market demand and fashion trend

It is necessary to design according to market demand and fashion trend, so that your sexy underwear can meet market demand and also fashion.


Mastering the painting method of sexy underwear is an important foundation for making high -quality erotic underwear.While learning the painting method, practice more, and combined with market demand and fashion trend, I believe you can design very good sexy underwear!