Sex underwear Putting method Teaching Bows

Sex underwear Putting method Teaching Bows

What is sexy underwear bow

Fun underwear bow is one of the most special decorations when women wearing sexy underwear. It can make your entire appearance more gorgeous and sexy.It looks like a small bow that usually appears on the chest or hips of sexy underwear.

Bow’s material

The material of sexy underwear bow can be many different types.Some are made of silk, satin, leather or transparent lace.These materials have different feels and colors, which can be selected according to their preferences.

How to wear sex underwear bow knots

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When you put on sexy underwear, the bow can make your body more sexy and charming.If you choose to wear a chest bow, you can arrange the bow above or below the breast, so as to show your sexy and beautiful.If you choose to wear a bow of the hip, you can arrange the bow in the center of the hip, so that your hips can be more upset and attractive, and you can play a better role in visually.

Different erotic underwear bow choices

When choosing a sexy underwear bow, you have to consider the type of underwear you wear. Different underwear styles require different bows.The bow of silk and satin is suitable for wearing the chest, and the bow of leather or metal bow is suitable for wearing in private parts.In short, choose a bow that is suitable for underwear style and your own temperament.

Interesting underwear bowls

The size of the sexy underwear bow is also a problem that needs to be followed. If it is too small, it will be drowned in the underwear. If it is too big, it will look too exaggerated.Generally speaking, according to the size of the underwear size, you can fine -tune according to your preferences based on your own size.

Sexy underwear bow with different styles

The choice of sexy underwear bow also needs to consider the style of underwear.If the underwear you choose is a soft lace, you can choose a relatively simple bow as an embellishment. If the texture and design of the underwear are cumbersome, you can also choose a more exaggerated bow, which can increase the charm.

The color of sexy underwear bow

The color of sexy underwear bow is also one of the factors that need to be considered.If your underwear is black, you can choose a dark or metallic bow, and if your underwear is light or bright, you can choose a relatively soft color, such as pink or pale purple.


Funeral underwear bow cleaning

When cleaning underwear bows, you need to choose the cleaning method according to the material of the bow.For the silk, satin, and lace -made bows, they should be washed with cleaning solution and placed in a ventilated and dry place. For the bow of leather and metal, cleaning agents should be used to ensure the cleanliness and service life of the bow.

Bow’s fashion matching skills

Bows can play a lot of tricks. Choose different styles and materials of the bow, which can bring you different fashion styles of sexy underwear.For example, the bow hanging on the back will bring you a romantic and poetic fresh style, and bring a few metal -textured bow on the underwear, which can bring out a sexy and stylish feeling.


Fun underwear bow is one of the indispensable elements that women wear sexy underwear.Choosing the right bow style, color and size can not only play and set off, but also reflect your sexy charm and fashion taste.Effective cleaning and matching skills are also important parts that cannot be ignored using sexy underwear and butterflies.