Sex lingerie buy Taobao comment map

Sex lingerie buy Taobao comment map


The development of the Internet allows us to buy all kinds of sexy underwear at home.When buying, Taobao’s comment has become an important basis for many people to judge the quality of underwear and whether it is worth buying.This article will explore the role and precautions of Taobao comments in the purchase of sexy underwear.

The role of Taobao review chart

The Taobao comment map is generally uploaded by netizens after receiving the product to display the physical picture of the product.These pictures can intuitively reflect information about the quality, size, color and version of the product. It is an important reference for consumers who purchased for the first time when buying sex underwear online.

Pay attention to the authenticity of the review chart

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When we look at the comment diagram of Taobao underwear, we must pay attention to its authenticity.The picture uploaded by the buyer may be disturbed by factors such as excessive beautification, lighting, and improper posture, which makes it seem very different from the real thing.Consumers should judge whether there are multiple pictures of different angles to determine whether it meets the actual effect.

Pay attention to the quantity and quality of comments

When screening Taobao reviews, consumers need to pay attention to the number and quality of the comments.Generally speaking, the more comments are commented on a product, and the more objectively evaluating.In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the proportion of praise and bad reviews. If the praise rate is high, it means that the quality and design of this underwear are excellent and worth buying.

Pay attention to the choice of style and size

When buying sexy underwear, different styles and sizes are suitable for different figures.Consumers need to carefully consider their figure characteristics and purchase purpose, and choose the style and size that suits them.In addition, the model figure in the comments also needs to be similar to yourself to better judge the effect of underwear.

Pay attention to underwear materials and details

In the Taobao review chart, consumers should also pay attention to the material and details of the underwear.The material of the underwear is very important for comfort and breathing. Consumers need to carefully check the materials in the product description, and whether the details can be seen in the picture, such as the buckle, stitching, etc.

Can you reflect your personal style

When buying sexy underwear, you also need to consider whether you can reflect your personal style.Consumers need to understand their preferences and style, and choose the underwear that suits them.At the same time, the universal use effect in Taobao comment can also be used for reference for consumers.


Multiple aspects to come to conclusions

When checking the Taobao review chart, consumers should not just look at the comments of one store, but also refer to the comments of many stores to compare and choose.For underwear of the same style, the quality and style of different shops will be different. Consumers need to draw conclusions after comparison.

Pay attention to privacy protection issues

When uploading Taobao reviews, consumers also need to pay attention to their privacy protection issues.Don’t upload photos containing personal information, such as mobile phone numbers, names, etc.In addition, it is best to block some body when uploading photos to avoid leakage of privacy.

in conclusion

The Taobao review chart played a very important reference role when buying sexy underwear. Consumers need to choose to evaluate and pay attention to the corresponding problems in order to choose the style and brand that suits them.