Mailing to Payment Underwear

Mailing to Payment Underwear

With the continuous development of the market, more and more people are trying to buy sexy lingerie.Although there are many offline sex shops to buy sexy underwear, in some cities, they lack such professional stores.At this time, online shopping sex underwear has become a good choice.One of the ways of delivery is to mail to payment.However, what are the issues need to pay attention to when mailing to pay for sex underwear?

Choose a reliable merchant

First of all, when buying sexy underwear, we must choose a reliable merchant.If the merchant’s poor reputation will not only affect the trust of the market, but also may lose the package or other accidents.Therefore, choosing a reliable merchant will be more secure.

Confirm the payment fee

When we need to mail to the sexy underwear, we need to consult a merchant’s customer service to confirm the payment when confirming the purchase of the purchase.The calculation of the fee is generally calculated based on the post office standard, so it is not fixed.Confirm that the payment fee allows us to buy in the budget.

Choose a suitable mailing method

Many people choose postal packets or courier when posting sex underwear, but the speed and quality of express delivery are relatively guaranteed.Therefore, for people with a certain economic strength, they can consider using express services, and for those with limited economy, they are recommended to use postal packets.

Pay attention to packaging

When mailing sex underwear, packaging is also very important.Many merchants pack the goods into an ordinary package and label it outside to protect privacy as much as possible.But some merchants do not pay attention to this, so we need to remind the merchants to pay attention to packaging and ensure their privacy.

Fill in the correct address

If the address that is filled is incorrect, then even if we pay the fee, it is difficult to reach the package.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must carefully check the receiving address and ensure that it is correct.

Receive the goods in time

When we choose to pay when we buy sexy underwear online, this means that we need to receive the goods immediately after the package arrives.Otherwise, it may be returned to the merchant because of the liquidation and other reasons.Therefore, it is important to ensure timely receipt.

Check the quality of the product

When we receive the package, we need to check the quality of the product.Because the erotic underwear itself is privacy and special, it is necessary to conduct professional inspections on the product at this point to ensure the quality of the product.


It is indeed a convenient and fast way of buying to pay for fun underwear.But we also need to pay attention to many related matters, such as choosing reliable merchants, confirming the payment, choosing a suitable mailing method, paying attention to packaging, filling in the correct address, receiving and checking the quality of the product in time.If we can do these things, then we can better choose and buy in sex underwear.

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