Like to wear ladies’ sexy underwear

Why do you like to wear women’s sexy underwear?

For some women, wearing sexy sexy underwear is a unique enjoyment.Not only can we enhance self -confidence, but also give people a mysterious feeling.At the same time, this underwear can also increase the taste of husband and wife, making sex more irritating.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

First of all, consider your body and preference.For example, if you are a fleshy beauty, it is best to choose some styles of waist -lifting. If you are thin, you can avoid too tight styles.Of course, it is necessary to consider color and material. For women who try to find sex underwear for the first time, you can choose more traditional colors such as black and red. In terms of materials, you can choose the style of cotton and silk blend.

What styles of sexy underwear are more popular?

At present, more popular sexy underwear includes open crotch underwear, transparent underwear, lace underwear, net socks, etc.Among them, open crotch underwear and transparent underwear can increase the sense of sexual life, while lace underwear and net socks show the feminine and sexy side.

How to maintain sexy underwear?

For the maintenance of sexy underwear, we must first understand the material you purchased.Some denim fabrics are not easy to wash, and some underwear may need to be washed by hand.When washing, it is best to use mild soapy water and cold water. Do not use hot water and powerful oxidant to avoid damaging underwear.

What are the sexy underwear accessories?

Sex underwear and underwear accessories together form a complete set of dressing solutions.These accessories include sexy stockings, gloves, brooches, hair accessories and high heels.Especially high heels can make women more sexy and charming.

What kind of pleasure can sex underwear give yourself?

Putting on sex underwear can bring a sense of mystery and confidence to women, but also a sexual stimulus.This sexual stimulus is not necessarily related to sexual life. Sometimes you imagine that you are wearing this underwear and you can also get some pleasure psychologically.

What is the impact of sexy underwear on sex life?

Interest underwear can increase the fun and stimulus of sexual life, and increase the taste of husband and wife.In the process of sex, couples can try to take physical contact with underwear, which will improve each other’s sexual desire and experience.

Is sexy underwear suitable for every woman?

In fact, sexy underwear is not suitable for all women.For some people, this underwear is too bare and unacceptable, and some women think that wearing this underwear is too exciting and affects their emotional state.Therefore, you need to choose to wear according to your preferences and psychology.

Can sexy underwear be used for daily wear?

For some very individual women, sexy underwear can be used for daily wear.However, when choosing underwear styles, you should consider your work and social environment to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.


Interest underwear can make women feel self -confidence and mysterious, and at the same time, it can also increase the fun and sexual life between husband and wife.Therefore, when choosing and wearing this underwear, we should be more rational and moderate.

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