Is it better to wear a sexy underwear?

Is it better to wear a sexy underwear?


With the popularity of erotic culture, more and more women have begun to pay attention to sexy underwear.In an increasingly open society, sexy underwear is no longer a simple sex tool, but more and more women show their own style and sexy ways.Is it really more comfortable and sexy in sexy underwear?This article will analyze from two perspectives of actual effects and wear experience.

Advantages: enhance self -confidence

Putting on sexy underwear can undoubtedly improve women’s self -confidence and sexy.Many foreign studies have shown that women in sexy underwear are more likely to get men’s appreciation and attention.For example, gently silk and lace can well highlight the curve and body of women, and at the same time, it can also get rid of the traditional restraint and achieve a more free relaxation state.

Disadvantage: Don’t comfortable to wear

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Although sexy underwear can enhance self -confidence, it is also a fact that wearing discomfort in some cases.Some delicate sexy underwear uses decorations such as metal rings and hooks to improve the visual effect, but it also brings discomfort to women.In addition, some fun underwear fabrics may be impermeable, and wearing it will cause excessive sweating reactions, which will affect the comfort of wearing.

Advantages: Promote intimate behavior

Sexy underwear is regarded as a way to promote sexual behavior.Because wearing sexy underwear can enhance women’s self -confidence and sexy, and then strengthen intimate contact with men.Women who wear sexy underwear are usually considered more sexy, which helps stimulate men’s desires and emotions.

Disadvantage: Excessive rendering

Interest underwear has the characteristics of exquisite ideas and rich patterns in the category, but it is also easy to cause excessive dripping.Some women will buy some overwhelming sexy underwear in order to make them look more sexy.However, such wearing can easily leave a mixed and unnatural impression on people, and at the same time, it will also have a certain degree of impact on the intimate behavior of both parties.

Advantages: meet the aesthetic needs

In addition to being a sexual tool, sexy underwear also has a certain fashion aesthetic function.Interest underwear can be used as a way to show women’s confidence and sexy, not just a small sexy clothing.For many women, sexy underwear is not just a tool for strengthening self -confidence, but also a way of self -display.

Disadvantage: Not suitable for everyone

When choosing a sexy underwear, some women feel that they cannot be completely suitable for these fancy underwear.Because different underwear styles have different styles and feelings, it is not necessarily suitable for everyone.In addition, for those more conservative women, wearing sexy underwear is likely to make them embarrassed and difficult to adapt.


Advantages: Improve sexual blessing experience

Interest underwear is a way to improve the feelings of sexual blessings, which is becoming more and more prominent in modern society.Some sexy underwear is very detailed and exquisite, which can make women feel stronger sexy and pleasant.After wearing sexy underwear, women usually dare to try and explore, which also laid the foundation for the improvement of sexual blessing.

Disadvantage: too high price

Although sexy underwear has innovative quality and design, it also makes it much higher than ordinary underwear in terms of price.For most women, the price of a sexy underwear is not cheap, and it needs to be replaced frequently.Therefore, the quality of sexy underwear is not expensive, and it is often an important issue that ordinary consumers consider when buying.

Advantages: enhanced sexual experience

Putting on sex underwear can enhance sexual experience.For women, there is an ordinary underwear or nothing under the sexy underwear, which can bring different feelings and emotions to the sexual experience.This can promote the intimacy of sex and further enhance the relationship between each other.


In summary, wearing erotic underwear itself does not bring people a particularly wonderful experience, but sexy underwear has extremely high visual and aesthetic nature, can enhance self -confidence, and provide guarantee for the feelings of sex.Of course, it is suitable for the use of sexy underwear with the other half. It must also choose and try on various levels according to its actual situation, personality characteristics and individual aesthetic preferences to reach the ideal state.