How to record Taobao sex underwear

How to record Taobao sex underwear

The necessity of Taobao sex lingerie record

With the development of society, sex products have gradually become a necessity for some people.The state’s supervision of sex products has gradually become stricter.In China, in addition to Hong Kong and Macau, imports and sales of sexual products in mainland China must be recorded in advance.Taobao, as the largest online retail platform in China, is essential for filing.And what do you need to pay attention to when preparing for the fun underwear on Taobao?The following will be introduced in detail.

Preparation before filing

First of all, before the filing, you need to choose a qualified filing company.At present, there are many record companies on the market, and they can be screened through search and consultation.Then, you need to prepare the relevant documents of the sexy underwear that need to be filed, such as models, manufacturers, production date, place of production, etc.At the same time, the filing company needs to provide the filing form, and the product name, model and other related information are required.

Requirements for filing materials

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The filing materials need to be complete, real and effective.During the filing process, the filing company needs to help submit the materials and enter the relevant information into the filing system.If you find false information, it will be considered illegal.

Problems that occur during the filing process

During the filing process, some problems may occur, such as incomplete information, the expiration of the materials, and the non -compliance of the model.If these problems are encountered, the filing company should deal with it in a timely manner according to the situation.Because the record is successful, the details must be performed, so the details of the filing must be controlled.

Record time and cost

The filing time generally requires 3-5 working days because data review and other related processes need to be carried out.In terms of expenses, because of the different filing companies, it may be different.Generally speaking, one year’s filing cost only costs about a few hundred yuan.

What you need to pay attention to after filing

After the filing is successful, pay attention to the sales of sexy underwear with the filing number on Taobao.At the same time, sex underwear needs to enter the sales process after passing the inspection.In addition, the sexy underwear after the filing must update the filing information in a timely manner.

How to choose a filing company

The choice of the filing company is one of the key to successful filing.Be sure to choose a legal and qualified filing company.You can choose according to the scale, experience and qualifications of the filing company.At the same time, it is necessary to check the service quality and after -sales service of the filing company to evaluate its credibility and reliability.

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Reform of the filing process

Although the gradual improvement of the filing system has improved the market entry threshold of sex products and ensured the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, it also caused a lot of dissatisfaction due to the cumbersome process and time consumption.Therefore, the reform of the filing process has also received more and more attention and attention. In the future, it may further simplify the filing process and improve the efficiency of the filing.

Significance for filing

Although the filing system has increased a certain burden on sex underwear sales companies, it also largely enhances consumer and industry confidence and protects consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.At the same time, it also promoted the standard development of the industry and improved the quality and safety of sexy underwear.Therefore, it can bring more benefits to consumers, industries and sales companies.

in conclusion

It is essential to prepare for sex underwear on Taobao. The filing requires complete and effective filing materials and qualified filing companies.After the filing is successful, it is necessary to update the filing information in a timely manner, and to invest in sex underwear with a filing number.The future filing process may be further simplified to promote the standardized development of the industry.