Guangzhou Fifth Sex Fun Underwear Show

Guangzhou Fifth Sex Fun Underwear Show

Opening ceremony

The fifth sex underwear show in Guangzhou has officially opened today. This exhibition lasts for three days. The sexy underwear brands from all over the world gathered together to present us the latest sexy underwear design, fashion trend and brand culture.


This erotic underwear show invited a number of celebrities. They not only presented us the latest sexy underwear, but also shared their experiences and fashion concepts.

Unexpected design

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At the exhibition site, we saw a lot of unexpected designs, such as sexual emotional erotic lingerie with LED lights, European and American sex underwear with black and white Morandi, etc. These innovative designs have attracted the attention of many audiences.

The embodiment of exquisite details

The design of sexy underwear must not only be sexy, but also pay attention to details. For example, exquisite lace, unique straps, gorgeous lace, etc. can make sexy underwear more perfect, and some brands have done very well in this regard.

Diverse style

The style of sexy underwear can be diverse, with cute Japanese style, sexy European and American style, retro 70s style, etc., audiences can choose sexy underwear that suits them according to their style.

There are countless brands

There are countless participating brands of this sex underwear exhibition. Both international and domestic brands are involved. The sexy underwear of different brands has different styles and characteristics to meet the needs of different consumers.

Wonderful Cat Step Show

In addition to sexy underwear display, there is also a cat -string show at the scene. The participating models wearing the brand’s sexy underwear catwalk, their smart pace and sexy attitude won the applause of the audience.

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Theme fashion display

There is also a theme fashion display in the sex underwear exhibition. It feels more professional and technological. Different brands use smart chips and sensing technologies to achieve a more comfortable and more personal clothing experience.

Successful business cooperation

In addition to the performance and display of the exhibition site, many brands have also conducted in -depth business negotiations with partners. Such cooperation will promote brand development and promote the development of the sex underwear industry in a better direction.

The love of the sexy underwear industry

The participating brands have expressed their love and enthusiasm for the sexy underwear industry. They hope to promote the continuous development of the sexy underwear industry through continuous innovation and efforts to provide consumers with better products and services.


The sexy underwear industry has become an important area in the fashion industry. This sex underwear exhibition will show us the latest sexy underwear design and trend. At the same time, it also allows us to see the huge potential and market needs of the sexy underwear industry.I believe that the future fun underwear industry will become stronger and stronger, bringing surprises and happiness to more consumers.