Falling underwear drying is afraid of being discovered

Why do sex underwear need to be specially dry

Interest underwear is a special underwear. It is not only to protect women’s privacy, but also to increase sexual interest and stimulate emotions.Therefore, it is more special than ordinary underwear and require special maintenance.And drying is a very important part of underwear maintenance, because improper drying will cause the underwear to lose its original sexy charm.

How to dry the sexy shirt

Some women choose to mix sex underwear together and dry them together. This approach is wrong.First of all, the sexy underwear of different materials is different. Mixing together can easily cause some underwear to dry or get dampness.Secondly, all interesting underwear should avoid direct sunlight, because sunlight can make underwear lose sexy charm.Therefore, it is recommended that women dry different types of sexy underwear to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.

Falling sexy underwear in the room

In -room drying sexy underwear is one of the relatively safe and hidden ways, which can avoid the peeping of the neighbors or others.However, women who rent apartments or small houses are prone to encounter problems that cannot dry sexy underwear.In this case, you can use a variety of ways such as drying racks, wardrobes or clothes rods to dry underwear, and use sterilization disinfection solution to ensure the cleaning and hygiene of the underwear.

Drying outdoor sexy underwear

Outdoor drying of sexy underwear requires special caution, especially public laundry rooms or apartment balconies.Before recycling and preparing to dry, make sure that the underwear has been washed full without residues or odors.In addition, choose a more hidden place and adjust the correct position on the upper and lower shelves of the underwear, so as to avoid being discovered by others.

Use a small hanger

When drying sexy sexy underwear, the drying rack must be commensurate with the size of the underwear.Using too large or too small hanger may damage underwear or change its shape.Usually, women can choose some small hamsters to hang underwear on the drying rack and ensure that they are uniformly suspended without stretching or deformed.

Take dry water with a clean towel

After cleaning the sexy underwear, use clean towels to dry water and reduce the remaining drying time.This is to avoid bacteria and mold growth, while not too moist or over -drying during the drying process.In addition, women should pay attention to avoid dried underwear hard, which will make them lose their original shapes and textures.

Avoid drying dryer to dry

In emergency situations, some people use dryers to dry underwear, but this is not desirable.Drying opportunities to dry underwear violently, which can easily deform or lose texture.The dryer will also expose underwear at high temperature, which will make their color and texture lose their original aesthetics.

Choose the right underwear soft agent

Choosing the right underwear soft agent can not only protect underwear, but also help them restore their original luster and softness.However, women should choose softened, colorless, and non -residual soft agents, and avoid using a soft agent with high chemicals to avoid damage or allergic reactions to underwear.

Different types of underwear are dry separately

Different types of erotic underwear have different materials and textures, so women should separate them when they are drying them.For example, different stockings racks are on different sizes and shapes, and lace underwear needs to be placed vertically on a suitable hanger.Generally, women should choose the appropriate clothes drying method based on the materials and styles of underwear to maintain the beauty and sexy charm of the underwear.


The drying underwear needs to be careful and pay attention to.Women can choose indoor or outdoor to dry, use a suitable size of the size, dry water with a clean towel to avoid drying the dryer.Choose the appropriate underwear soft agent, dry different types of underwear, and so on.These techniques can keep underwear aesthetic and sexy charm, and can also extend their service life.

Point of view

The drying of sexy underwear requires carefulness and patience, but this is worth it.In the correct way of drying, sexy underwear can maintain sexy charm and play their due role to make sexual life more colorful and popular.

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