Beauty wearing fun underwear is bundled and tuned


Beauty wearing fun underwear is bundled and tuning is a sex game. In recent years, it has become more and more favored by enthusiasts.Interest underwear can successfully stir up sexual desire and increase interest, while binding tuning can bring dual pleasure that controls and controls.This article discusses the topic of beauty underwear being bundled and tuning.

Sex underwear purchase

First of all, before the beauty underwear is tied to tuning, we need to understand different styles of sexy underwear and choose a style that suits ourselves and partners.For example, adult erotic underwear has two styles: close and relaxed, which is suitable for people who like to tighten and relax.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to color and design. Black and red are the most common colors, but other colors such as white, blue, and purple will also increase interest and rich sex.

Material and comfort

In addition to styles, materials and comfort are also factors that need to be considered when purchasing sexy underwear.The material of the sexy underwear should be soft and soft, and at the same time, it is elastic, which can close the body and increase sexy.When wearing, you should feel comfortable and natural, and you should not have too much tight or friction.

Binding method

Beauty wearing fun underwear is bundled and tuning is a kind of restraint, so we must clearly understand different restraint methods.Handcuffs and footsteps are the most common tools that are used to bundle hands and feet to increase the sense of control.But you must use the right way to avoid hurting your body.In addition, tie rope is also commonly used, which can be weaved and adjusted as needed.

Tuning skills

Training is an important process for beautiful women to wear fun underwear.Training is a active dominance and obedience, which needs to be carried out according to the needs and preferences of both parties.When training, you need to build sufficient trust and communication to respect each other’s bottom line.

Indulge and keep

Some people will be obsessed with beautiful women who are tuned and tuning in their fun underwear, reaching the degree of incompetent, which will affect life and health.Therefore, we must consciously control and maintain this behavior, and do not let it be excessive dependence and harm your own behavior.

Security Question

When a beautiful woman wears fun underwear is tied and tuned, we must pay attention to safety issues.When using tools, be careful not to bind too much to ensure ventilation.If you feel uncomfortable and pain, you should stop immediately.In addition, the privacy of both parties should be protected to avoid leaking personal information.

Belmod Principles

The principle of Belmod refers to the principle of minimizing damage in controlling behaviors to ensure the dignity and health of the controller, and does not exceed the control of the other party.Therefore, when the beauty underwear is tied for tuning, any behavior should meet the principles of Belmod.

Psychological health

In the behavior of being bundled by a beauty underwear, psychological health is very important.Excessive dependence and obsession have adverse effects on normal life and social interaction.Therefore, before this behavior, you need to consider the mental health of yourself and his partner to avoid negative consequences.


Beauty wearing a sexy underwear is tied for tuning for men and women, and both sides should treat them equally.Therefore, tuning should not become discrimination or oppression of a certain party, but should establish a peaceful relationship.


When a beautiful woman is tied to tuning for a fun underwear, we must pay attention to various safety issues and moral standards, maintain health and dignity, and follow the principles of Belmod and the principle of gender equality.Only by correctly operating and understanding this behavior can we achieve the purpose of improving interest and enhancing sexual experience.

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