A drawer for fun underwear

A drawer for fun underwear

From a few years ago, sexy underwear has become more and more popular with women.Underwear is no longer an important prop to show her sexy charm in order to keep warm or beautiful.However, in the market, a variety of sexy underwear is dazzling. I do n’t know which one should be selected. Today I will take everyone to understand — a drawer sex underwear.

1. What is a drawer sexy underwear

The name of the name of a drawer for the name of the lingerie is the whole pump in the underwear drawer, that is, the sex lingerie collection necessary for women’s maintenance and translation.It can be said that a drawer of sexy underwear is the epitome of women’s personal sexy positions.

2. The classification of sexy underwear

According to styles, functions, uses, etc., sexy underwear can be divided into multiple categories.From the perspective of women, a lot of money underwear should also include a variety of categories.It can be roughly divided into: sexy underwear, sex bra, milk stickers, sexy panties, funny underwear, formal evening dress underwear, socks and accessories.

3. Fairy underwear suitable for you

Although there are many styles of sexy underwear, not every sex underwear is suitable for every woman.How to choose your own underwear, you need to choose from your body and personality.

4. How to choose a good sexy underwear brand

The brand occupies an extremely important position in the choice of sexy underwear.There are many sexy underwear brands in the market, and the price is uneven. How can I choose a good -quality brand?

5. How to choose suitable sexy underwear size

The size of sexy underwear is very important.It will look more comfortable and more beautiful, and it looks more beautiful.But many people are prone to confusion on the size.

6. Selection of sexy underwear

Color is an important consideration for underwear when choosing underwear.Colors can reflect personality and personal preferences, and can also adjust emotions and show charm.

7. Sex underwear matching

The matching of sexy underwear is not just a single product with similar styles, but a detailed matching according to your body and overall shape.If the underwear and the outside are properly matched, it will not only reflect women’s desires, but also more slim and thin.

8. Fairy underwear daily care

Proper care can ensure the neatness and comfort of sexy underwear, and also make the lingerie life longer.A drawer of sexy underwear should not be just gathered in all styles of underwear, but also a treasure that is loved.

9. Use sexy underwear combined with sexy toys

Of course, if you use sexy underwear with sexy products, it will make the whole sex process more colorful.

10. Interest underwear is not just prepared for others

Finally, it is necessary to remind women that buying sexy underwear is not for men, but more for themselves.Buying, care, and sexy underwear are more self -confidence and good feelings that women themselves.

in conclusion:

When choosing your own drawer of sexy underwear, pay attention to your figure, personality and preference.Choose a quality brand and match according to personal needs to properly care and use sex toys.Finally, remember that the sexy underwear is used for yourself, and you need to buy it for yourself, wear it, and love it.

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