You can get on the plane in sexy underwear, right?

Interests of underwear and airplane

For those who often take planes, they may be curious whether they can carry sexy underwear on planes, or whether they will attract the attention of security inspection officials.Let’s take a closer look at this problem and provide some suggestions.

Understand security regulations

First of all, we need to understand that the security regulations of each country are different.In some countries, sex underwear sold by hotels and other commercial institutions can be legally sold and carried on the plane.In other countries, sexy underwear is considered to be sexual products and may be prohibited.Therefore, before your trip, make sure you understand the security regulations of your destination you want to go.

Place in the boarding case

If you want to bring some sexy underwear, it is best to put them in your boarding tank.Do not put it in a handbag or personal items to avoid being found during security checks.The boarding case is usually scanned, but it is usually not checked too carefully.

Discrete and explicit design

When choosing a sexy underwear, select discrete and unprepared design.This will help you pass a security check without worrying about your sexy underwear.Try to choose a relatively low -key sexy underwear.

Try to make yourself

If you are not sure if your sexy underwear will pass security checks, or you have no time to understand the regulations in the area, try making sexy underwear yourself.You can use ordinary fabrics to make underwear, and then add some decorations yourself.

Buy sexy underwear suitable for travel

If you like to wear sexy underwear and want to wear comfortable when traveling, you can choose some sexy underwear suitable for travel.These underwear are usually lightweight, smaller in size, and easy to carry.

Packing requires something to bring

Before traveling, make sure you pack everything you need to carry and put them in your boarding case.This will help you pass the security inspection with peace of mind and avoid being captured and detained.

Do not provide too much explanation to security officers

If you are required to open your boarding case for inspection, keep as calm as possible and not provide too much explanation.This may cause suspicion of security personnel and cause more trouble.


It is possible to get on a plane with sexy underwear, but you need to pay attention to some matters when choosing a sexy underwear.Try to choose a discrete design, put it in the boarding case, or make a sexy underwear by yourself.Please make sure you understand the security regulations of your destination.Keep calmness during security checks, and do not provide too much explanation to the security inspection officials as much as possible.


Sex underwear can be carried on the plane, but you need to pay attention to some matters to comply with security checks.Passengers should pay attention to their behavior, avoid the doubts of safety personnel as much as possible, and follow local regulations and regulations to avoid trouble.It is very important to keep calmness and cautious during the trip.

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