Will you wear a sexy underwear bought by your husband?

Introduction to sex underwear

Interesting underwear is one of the hottest products in the market today. This special underwear often can ignite the passion of couples and add the interests between the two.However, after many ladies bought sexy underwear, they did not know how to wear these underwear.So, will you wear a sexy underwear you buy?This is a question that needs to be explored.

Understand your body size

If you want to wear sexy and charm, you must first understand your body size, which can strengthen your advantages and avoid your shortcomings.For example, if you have hips, you can choose a tight -fitting sexy underwear to highlight the curve of the figure.For ladies who are not too raised on the hips, you can choose the style of the rear raising.

Choose the right style and color

When choosing a sexy underwear, we must choose according to our own aesthetics and preferences.Sexy black, red, and pink and white are good choices.In addition, in style, the styles made with sexy lace and silk often make you more attractive and add charm.

Understand the occasion and atmosphere

When wearing sexy underwear, we also need to consider the occasions and atmosphere wearing, and try not to show it in obvious public places.If it is in the family atmosphere, you can wear sexy sexy underwear to inspire romance and passion.

With the right underwear and high heels

In order to make the entire dressing effect more perfect, it is necessary to match the appropriate underwear and high heels.For example, wearing high heels can make the body more slender and stretch the body proportion.Wearing underwear can also avoid indecent parts under the sexy underwear.

Don’t forget your body care

Don’t forget to wear sexy underwear while paying attention to physical care.Use moisturizing lotion to make the skin more delicate to enhance the effect of sexy lingerie.In addition, some basic preparations can be carried out, such as coating nail polish, making makeup, creating sexy shapes, and so on.

Practice self -confidence mentality

Wearing a sexy underwear requires a self -confidence, this is the key.In choosing sexy underwear and wearing, women need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of their bodies, and also need to follow their preferences and styles to show their unique charm.

Enjoy the fun of sexy underwear

Finally, we need to remember that before wearing sexy underwear, we need to put down all psychological burdens and enjoy the fun of sexy underwear.This pleasure is not only sexual, but also explains its self -confidence and charm.Choosing your favorite erotic underwear and playing the role you want will be a happy experience.

Conclusion of sexy underwear

In summary, it is easy to wear a sexy underwear bought by my husband. You only need to master the correct methods and skills. According to your own aesthetics and preferences, you can choose the right style and accessories, and the correct mentality.New feeling.However, while enjoying the fun of sexy underwear, we must also maintain our self -esteem and dignity, and do not let us affect our evaluation and views at any time.

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