Will the WeChat title of sexy underwear be blocked?

WeChat restriction on sexy underwear

As one of the world’s largest and most commonly used social network applications, WeChat involves all aspects, including the field of sexy underwear. However, with the changes in social atmosphere in recent years, WeChat’s restrictions on the special fields of sexy underwear have gradually increased.

The display of sexy underwear in WeChat

WeChat’s restrictions on sexy underwear are mainly concentrated on the display method. According to its community rules, it is forbidden to display erotic underwear products or other pornographic content in WeChat public account, WeChat circle of friends, WeChat groups, etc.

Reasons for the bans of the micro -signal of sexy underwear

Once the WeChat public account or individual users of sex underwear violate WeChat regulations, they may be banned.The reason for the ban includes::

Publish content involving illegal, illegal, pornography or vulgar;

Frequently send spam or advertising information;

Pay paid promotion or other forms of channel expansion;

Plagiarism, stealing other people’s articles or pictures;

Mal malicious attacks, abuse others, and other improper behaviors.

WeChat’s classification of sexy underwear

WeChat divides all the contents into 9 levels, of which "obscene porn" belongs to the first level, that is, strictly prohibited. WeChat will be detained and named the police.

Example of WeChat sex underwear being banned

According to past experience, WeChat’s restrictions on sexy underwear are very strict.There was a WeChat public account named Phoenix sex underwear for violating community norms and was punished by WeChat.In addition, many users also reported that they were banned by WeChat because of the relevant content of sexy underwear.Therefore, the promotion and display of sexy underwear on WeChat needs to be cautious.

WeChat sex lingerie promotion limit

According to the official provisions of WeChat, no profit behavior of advertising, promotion, recruitment agency, purchasing agency, etc. shall not be used; enterprise names such as "assistant" and "official website" shall not be used;Methods to carry out false publicity or unauthorized publicity, and indicate the information of its owners and operators at the end of the article.

Diverse styles

There are many types of erotic underwear. You can choose different materials, styles and various design diversity according to personal taste and needs, including bras, bottom pants, skirts, pajamas, tights and bellybands.No matter what style of sexy underwear, their main purpose is to increase the taste and fun between husband and wife.

The material and performance of sexy underwear

The material and various properties of sexy underwear are also diverse, usually including different fabrics, technologies, and sometimes even various functions, such as anti -ultraviolet rays, stinky, anti -static, body shaping, and so on.When choosing a sex underwear, you should choose the corresponding materials and performance according to your body shape and needs.

Selection of Size of Sex Lingerie

The size of the clothing size of sex underwear may be different from other clothing brands. Because the purpose of sexy underwear is to add more interesting to sex and fun, it will emphasize tightness and closeness in size, and the size will be more accurate.Choose the right sexy underwear to bring a more comfortable, confident and sexy experience when wearing.

The promotion trend of sexy underwear

Although WeChat’s restrictions on sexy underwear are strict, the promotion of sexy underwear in the market is still very vigorous.For sexy underwear stores, you can attract customers through more creative promotion methods, such as discounts, online activities and discount packages to increase sales.In addition, shop owners can have their own sexy underwear websites and Taobao stores to promote through these online channels.

in conclusion

In short, compared to other fields, WeChat is more stringent in sexy underwear, especially the obvious sexy or naked sexy underwear, which is more risk of being banned on WeChat.Therefore, the owner of the sex underwear store needs to promote sex underwear on WeChat, and to act with reason and compliance to ensure the normal development of the business.At the same time, it is still very prospective to understand that tailor -made sexy underwear. Careful promotion and innovative marketing will enable the business of sexy lingerie stores to achieve longer -term development and broader market potential.

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