Will the sexy underwear be written on the courier form?

1 Introduction

With the improvement of people’s living standards, sex products have also received more and more attention from the public.As one of the sexy underwear, it is widely welcomed by its sexy, charming and elegant characteristics.

2. Sending underwear courier carrier

Many people are worried that they will have fun underwear words on the express package.In fact, many courier companies do not specify this package.It is only on the courier list. It usually writes words such as "clothing" and "underwear".

3. The packaging box of sexy underwear

The packaging of sexy underwear can be said to be relatively private.Many sexy underwear packaging boxes are relatively small and useless of materials that are not easily damaged. The wrap will also use waterproof, shockproof materials and other materials for packaging to ensure the safety of the package.

4. Courier company confidentiality measures

In order to prevent the package from being voted by mistake, many courier companies scan the package, record and label on the outside of the parcel.In addition, there are some courier companies that provide specified receipt points. Buyers can receive the package by themselves at the designated place, which is safer.

5. The problem of the address labeling

When filling in the courier form, the buyer needs to fill in the detailed delivery address.Many buyers are worried that the address will be leaked.In fact, the courier company will only submit according to the address when assigning, and does not leak address information.

6. Package outer stickers label issues

For some more private express parcels, courier companies may label on it, such as "private items" and "confidential items".This is not a certain situation, but if it appears, it means that the courier company’s protection measures for privacy are still in place.

7. How to take the courier

If you don’t want to express your sexy underwear to your home, you can also choose to pick up the part or the designated collection point to pick it up in person.This is not only relatively privacy, but also can be obtained in time.

8. Choose the right courier company

If you want to protect your privacy, it is also important to choose the right courier company.It is recommended to choose a professional erotic supplies courier company, and its confidentiality measures for express packages may be stricter.

9. Precautions for buyers

When buying sexy underwear, it is recommended to carefully read the relevant provisions of the express delivery, provide accurate and detailed delivery addresses as much as possible, and choose a suitable express company.If you have special requirements, you can also communicate with the seller in advance.

10. Conclusion

According to the existing information, sexy underwear generally does not indicate on the courier list, and has corresponding confidentiality measures in packaging, transportation and assignments.However, in order to ensure their privacy, buyers should choose the courier company carefully when buying, and pay attention to filling in detailed addresses and special requirements to ensure the safety delivery of the express package.

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