Why is the sexy underwear open the crotch free of charge?

Why are the sexy underwear open the crotch and free?

Sex underwear is part of modern culture, adding fun and excitement to sex activities.One of the significant features is that they are usually free of open crotch. Why?

Convenient sex activity

First of all, sexual activities require the convenience of the crotch. Underwear without opening the crotch can easily hinder the progress of sex, which will make people feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.And open crotch underwear can meet the needs of sex activities, making people feel more convenient.

Add visual stimulus

Although sexy underwear is designed to facilitate sexual activities, another significant feature of them is to add visual stimuli.The open crotch design will appear more exposed in sex activities, giving sexual activity a stronger visual impact, making sex more excited and exciting.

Cut into the sex underwear market

In addition, sexy underwear is also a business strategy. In order to distinguish between traditional underwear, the brand has designed some sexy styles containing stimulating ingredients.The design of open crotch is a novelty, which is easier to cut into the market and attract more consumers.

Liberate women

The exempted underwear on the crotch also gives women more freedom, allowing them to have more rights and autonomy in sex activities.Compared with traditional underwear, the design of the free -opening -free design appears to be more open and free, giving women more freedom and choice rights.

In line with social development

With the development of society, people’s awareness and attitude towards sex and pornography are also changing.Open crotch -free sexy underwear is a trend and trend.They meet the needs of modern people and the development of society, and gradually replace traditional underwear in the market.

Personalized demand

In addition, different people’s needs and attitudes for sex are different.Some people like traditional underwear, and some people like sexy underwear.For those who like sexy underwear, the design of open crotch -free is an essential detail, which meets their taste and needs.

Increase sex experience

The most important thing is that sexy underwear is designed to increase sexual experience, and the design of open crotch free can make sex more exciting and exciting.From the perspective of sex, open crotch -free underwear is an innovative design that is conducive to sex activities.

Different use scenarios

Finally, the design of the open crotch can also make sexy underwear use in different scenarios.For example, in public places or places that are more likely to be discovered by others, traditional underwear may be more appropriate.In a more private environment, the open crotch -free sexy underwear looks more distinctive and advantageous.

Conclusion: Convenient, exciting, freedom, and conforming to the development of the times. These are the advantages and values of open crotch exemption design.For those who like sexy underwear, the free -range sexy lingerie of open crotch can add more fun and excitement to sex activities.This is why sexy underwear has to design open crotch -free.

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