Who is better in sex underwear shop?

Understand your needs

Before choosing a sexy underwear store, you need to understand your needs for sexy underwear.Different erotic underwear shops may focus on different types of styles or focus on different audiences.Therefore, it is very important to set a clear goal for yourself.

Study sex underwear shop

Once you know your needs, you can start studying sexy underwear stores.You can find some well -known shops locally or online, and find some sexy underwear brands that are deeply trusted by consumers.

Understand love underwear brand

Brand is very important.Large brands of sexy underwear manufacturers usually pay more attention to the quality and comfort of underwear, and provide more style and size choices.Therefore, you should understand several representative brands and choose some of them for your needs.

Quality and comfort

Quality and comfort are the two most important factor when choosing sexy underwear.Choosing brands with good evaluation and good quality materials will greatly improve the quality and comfort of underwear.Make sure it is suitable and has no discomfort when trying to penetrate underwear.

Style and design

Fun underwear style and design are very important. Although quality and comfort are the most important factor, the appearance is also very important.According to personal needs, choose the color, materials and styles that are suitable for you, you can choose more attention to sexy styles or more practical styles in daily life.

size selection

Choosing the right size has a great impact on the comfort and effect of sexy underwear.It is best to measure your body size and consult the clerk.Improper size selection not only affects the feeling and appearance of wearing, but also may cause discomfort such as soreness, excessive tightness, or loosening.

Budget when buying sexy underwear

Different brands and styles of sexy underwear are different, so it is very important to plan a budget.After all, underwear is just a project in your shopping list.Don’t indulge yourself, buying sexy underwear beyond your budget may bring you economic pressure.

Buy online VS physical store purchase

You can buy sexy underwear online or go to physical stores.Online purchases can provide more styles and brand options, but you cannot try it on, so you must carefully study the products and brands.The purchase of physical stores can get more suggestions and trial opportunities, but the choice may be limited.

return policy

When buying sexy underwear, the return policy must be considered.Because underwear is a very personal item, some shops may not support returns.Therefore, before buying, we must understand the return policy of the store and ensure that the return rules are clearly understood.


The key element of choosing sexy underwear is to understand your needs, brands, quality and comfort, style and design, size selection, budget, place of purchase and return policy.Choosing a sexy underwear that is most suitable for your needs will not only improve comfort, but also improve your beauty and self -confidence.When choosing, you must choose and study carefully, so as to avoid discomfort and waste caused by wrong selection.

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