Where does Xinxiang sell sexy underwear?

Xinxiang’s sexy underwear market

Sexy underwear is a fashion choice for modern women. It can not only meet the needs of women, but also make women more sexy and confident.In Xinxiang, you can find a lot of places to sell sexy underwear. Let’s introduce it below.

Mall center

The center of the mall is located in the center of Xinxiang City, where many well -known brands have sexy underwear stores, including international brands. The price is a bit high. It is suitable for young people with consumption capacity. You can buy the latest when you visit you.Sexy underwear style.

Renmin Road Business District

Renmin Road Business District is one of the earliest business districts in Xinxiang City. There are low -grade sexy underwear shops. There are many styles and types. You can also choose your favorite sexy underwear according to your budget.Couple.

Boai Road Fun Underwear Store

Boai Road Foy Lingerie Store is a well -known shop for many years. The sexy underwear is unique here. Each is unique and moderate. It is suitable for people who want to be sexy and distinctive.

Flying Pigeon Night Market

Feige Road Night Market is one of the most prosperous places at night in Xinxiang City. Here you can find a lot of small stalls. Some small booths sell some daily necessities, and there are many stalls to sell sex underwear, but the price may be relatively cheap.Then buy.

Xinxiang Market

The Xinxiang market is a very large market. There are many sexy underwear stalls here, the quality is uneven, and the price is relatively low. Buyers need to judge themselves. When buying, you must see the business license and quality test of the booth.Essence

Yingbin Road Foy underwear Shop

Yingbin Road Foy Lien Store is a small shop of Yingbin Road. From the appearance, it is dilapidated, but the quality of the sexy lingerie is high -quality.The underwear store is cheap.

Gorgeous city

Gorgeous City is a shopping square. The sexy underwear store is relatively small. The decoration of the store is relatively elegant and rich in categories. It is suitable for people who need to buy more sexy underwear.

Zhongyuan New Town

Zhongyuan New Town is a relatively large shopping mall. There are many types of sexy underwear in the shop. Most of them are low -grade sexy underwear. The price is relatively approachable and suitable for ordinary consumer groups.

Century Avenue

Century Avenue is a large shopping mall that integrates shopping, entertainment and leisure. There are many sexy underwear shops here. The price is from low -end to high -end, and many well -known brands have opened shops. The style is complete and worthy of one go.

Wedding city

The wedding city brings together many wedding and dress shops. There are also many shops at the same time, and they also have fun underwear. They are good and cost -effective. They are suitable for newlyweds or prospective brides to buy gifts.


In summary, there are many sexy underwear shops in Xinxiang City, which can easily meet people’s purchase needs. When choosing, you can make reasonable choices according to your own conditions and needs.It is important to note that when buying sexy underwear, you must pay attention to quality and hygiene to avoid affecting health and use effects.

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